Mar 262013

Here’s another installment of things I saw and heard over the last 24 hours while merrily rambling along the by-ways of the interhole. The theme of this installment is METAL ART RULES!


This Greek band’s debut release The Sea of See Through Skins was one of my favorite albums of 2009. One version of the album apparently included a bonus track named “Crawling Through the Mud”, though I don’t think it was on the copy of the CD I bought; at least I don’t see it on my iPod, which is where I transferred the music from the disc before eventually storing the CD away with a gazillion others that my spouse made me remove from our cluttered house.

And that’s all I can say about the wonderful artwork above that mysteriously appeared on Tardive Dyskinesia’s Facebook page yesterday. I don’t know who created it, and I don’t know what music it will eventually accompany. Maybe the band is about to release that bonus track as a single?

Anyway, the band’s 2012 album Static Apathy In Fast Forward ain’t too shabby either. Here’s TD’s cool official video, released earlier this month, for “Time Turns Planets” from that album. Prepare for a spine-jolting, head-scrambling experience.



The situation with this next item is the reverse of the last one: I know and admire the artist, but know little about the band.

The artist is Argentinian illustrator Santiago Caruso, whose excellent work I’ve featured before in my daily artwork posts at the NCS Facebook page. I didn’t know he was in the business of creating album art until seeing the piece above for a Chilean band named Pentagram Chile, which will grace the cover of their debut album The Malefice.

Pentagram Chile (who changed their name last year from “Pentagram” in deference to the long-running US doom band of the same name) apparently formed in 1985, though The Malefice will be their first studio release. It will be a compilation of re-recorded material from the 80s and new songs. I found the following performance from Wacken 2009. It’s a sweet piece of death/thrash called “Demented”.



I discovered North Carolina’s ASG last June when I stumbled across a YouTube track called “Horsewhipper”, and it was love at first listen (as explained here). The band now have a new album on the way (Blood Drive), their first for Relapse Records, and it’s scheduled for release on May 28. Above you can feast your eyes on the just-released album cover. Alas, I don’t know who created it, but I sure do like it.

Relapse has set up a Bandcamp page for the album, though nothing is streaming there yet:

But I did find an album trailer with an excerpt of one song, which I’m embedding below. It makes me smile. More album info is here.



Last, but certainly not least, I spied the above artwork for Raging Death, the forthcoming album by Sweden’s awesome Entrails. The new album is scheduled for delivery by Metal Blade on May 14, which is way too fuckin’ far out for impatient fans like me. It was was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, and check out this line-up of guest vocalists:

Kam Lee (BONE GNAWER, ex-MASSACRE), Jorgen Sandstrom (THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, ex-GRAVE, ex-ENTOMBED), Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER a.o.), and Mr. Swanö himself (ex-EDGE OF SANITY).

I fuckin’ loved this band’s last album The Tomb Awaits (reviewed here), and have very high hopes for this new one. I’ve become especially tumescent over the prospect of this album because of “In Pieces”, the new chainsaw-gunning song that Metal Blade began streaming earlier this month. Check it out below and go here for more info about the album. Damn, this song is strong! Is anyone doing old-school Swedish death better than Entrails?


  1. Man, no matter how often I hear it, I never get tired of that old-school Swedish death metal sound

    Pentagram Chile is a pretty sweet band, and Im really looking forward to their full length. They were a last minute fill in at last years MDF and they played a pretty killer set….Id never heard of them before that. Tracking down any of their previous work is an absolute bitch though. Best Ive managed to find is a low quality rip of one of their demos. Id love to get a copy of their compilation album sometime

    • I’ll never get tired of that old school Swedish death sound either, especially when it’s done as well as Entrails do it. I watched an MDF video of Pentagram Chile on YouTube, but the Wacken one is better quality. They’ve obvously had an impact, to be on the line-up at festivals like those. My metal education is obviously still a work in progress.

  2. WOW!! I really like that Pentagram Chile!!! Good stuff!!

  3. Entrails are fucking awesome as well!! I have “The Tomb Awaits” Disc!! Just damn good!!!

  4. Pretty excited about new ASG.
    ‘Dream Song’ has been my phone ring since Win Us Over came out, and almost ready for a new one 🙂

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