Mar 262013

While wandering the interhole last night and this morning I came across many items of interest — too many to pack into a single round-up post. So I’ll subdivide my findings and start here, with two discoveries that should interest thrash heads far and wide.


You’re looking at the first item above. It’s the recently revealed cover art for Skull, the forthcoming fourth album by the UK’s Evile, which is due for release on May 27 by Earache Records and Century Media. The artist is none other than NCS favorite Eliran Kantor. Like all of his art, this piece snags the attention and pulls it into the details of the work — which are mysterious. Evile explain that the artwork embodies a concept that’s connected to the music . . . but what that is we’ll have to learn later as more details trickle out.

As for the music, Evile drummer Ben Carter is quoted as saying, “Our fans can expect this album to be a return to our thrashier roots, as well as exploring new ground in typical EVILE form.”

And now it’s time for some actual music instead of musical forecasts.



This Danish thrash band are days away from seeing the March 29 release of their second album, Last Night of Solace, on the NoiseArt label. This morning they debuted a lyric video for the album’s final track, “Fractured Dimensions”. It’s fitting that the video is illustrated with flames and sparks, because the track burns like a house on fire.

The riffing in this song brings to mind the phrase “thrash your nuts off”. It will leave legions of gelded metalheads in its wake. Ladies should protect their ovaries, too. You’ll also probably want to have a neck brace handy before you press the play button, because there’s a high likelihood of headbang-induced muscle strain in your future. You may also feel an urge to yell “LOCKED UP!”

Okay, enough with the warnings. Here’s “Fractured Dimensions”:


  1. Essence is a decent band, but it’s a shame that nothing they’ve ever done has reached the level of interest generated by the bass solo at the beginning of their song ‘Blood Culture’. It’s so good, and it makes the rest of their music seem kind of boring.

  2. Yeah, it’s easy to say something bad about a band… But when listening “Shades of Black”, or somenthing from the EP “ART IN IMPERFECTION”, it doesn’t seem boring, at all.. So ok, they are young, but they are in fact a grate band.. And in Vagos they have shown that they are very powerfull… And you are right, that bass… But you don´t talk about “Agressive Attack”… Shame oooonnn yooouuu 😉 Just kidding…

    Stay (sic)

  3. Dat bass indeed. I’m liking it, that’s some good thrash. Also, I love Evile. They aren’t the most interesting thing on tape, but live they are a fucking blast. I bet Essence is similar. Thrash is usually best experienced with some beer and friends.

    • This pretty much sums up my feelings. It’s rare that I find a thrash band whose recorded music I listen to a lot, but good thrash live is really hard to beat.

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