Mar 272013

For the second time today I realized I was a day early with a couple of yesterday’s posts. Yesterday I posted a review of the forthcoming second album by New Zealand’s BeastwarsBlood Becomes Fire — which in my opinion will stand as one of the best albums of 2013 when this year draws to a close. And then today Beastwars began giving away a song from the album.

As it happens, that song is one of the two I like best out of a collection that’s very strong from start to finish. Its name is “Caul of Time”, and it’s a good example of the power and the passion that runs throughout the album. It’s also heavy as hell.

Go HERE to stream and download the track on Bandcamp. I also want to stitch it into the fabric of NO CLEAN SINGING, so it’s also streaming at this site right after the jump.


  1. Love the art for this. Music reminds me a bit of The Sword or Wolfmother (as does the art I suppose) but with balls.

  2. This song is great. I’m a big fan of this band. I wasn’t so sold on tower of skulls, but caul fo time is A+.

  3. I bought their first album a few months back. This sounds like more of the same, though with slightly more articulate singing. Not that is a bad thing…I loved the first album. As a side note they always have ass kicking good artwork.

  4. Great song!!!!! Can’t wait for the record

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