Mar 272013

Dark Tranquillity were one of my first loves as a budding fan of extreme music, and you never forget your first loves. And so although I was not as thoroughly bowled over by their last album as I wish I had been, I’ve still been eager to hear their new one. Entitled Construct, it’s due for release via Century Media on May 27 in Europe and May 28 in North America.

In addition to that welcome news, today also brought the first taste of music via an album trailer. In addition to ambient orchestration, the trailer includes a snippet from a new song, and I’m really liking what I hear — because what I hear sounds downright vicious. Increased viciousness from Dark Tranquillity happens to be just what I want.

You’ll also see variant artwork for the different formats of the album, and they all look damned cool to me.

Check out the trailer right after the jump, and feel free to share your thoughts about what you hear and about whether this band still gets your motor running.


  1. Man. Bogren gets drums sounding so fucking massive these days. A major improvement on his old “clicky clicky” sound… I can see why he’s the hot guy to go to these days.

  2. Well, this was unexpected. Sounds like some much needed life in an aging Gothenburg founder (melo-death for the youngsters out there). Definitely intrigued.

  3. Similarly, I remember being in love with Dark Tranquillity. Although I thought had moved on listening to the songs that brought me to love them & also hearing this preview of what is coming have reminded me there is definitely life to be found in the music of DT. Looking forward to their return to the US!

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