Apr 032013

On most days at this site I try to pull together a round-up of new music, album art, and/or news that most interested me over the preceding 24 hours. It’s usually in the range of 3-5 items, packaged together in one long post. Today, just for the hell of it, I’m spreading what interested me over the course of the whole day, one item at a time.

You remember Artificial Brain don’t you? I don’t mean my artificial brain, I mean that unhinged space-death-metal band from Long Island (more or less) that I wrote about in September 2011, which includes Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo, vocalist Will Smith (Buckshot Facelift, ex-Biolich), and some other bastards who wish to remain nameless.

Okay, that was a long time ago and you may have forgotten. So it’s time for a reminder, and to remind you, Artificial Brain have released a new two-song offering named Butchering Cosmic Giants, recorded with Eliot Bayless, which is available for free download on Bandcamp (here). A little bird told me that Artificial Brain are also recording a full-length album with Colin Marston that will include additional manifestations of sonic dementia.

What the new music sounds like: imagine an alien stew consisting of cutting/blasting black metal, pummeling death metal, cosmic guitar digressions, rubbery bass-lines, roaring grisly bears, and shrieking ice giants. Also, gang vocals and a bit of Gorguts-like tech frenzy. And unstable tempos.

I did mention this was unhinged . . . but man, is this new stuff sweet. The forthcoming Artificial Brain album has just been added to my “most anticipated” list for this year. Listen up:



  1. Unstable tempos is a great way of putting it! This album will be a fucking monster

  2. This is excellent! Looking forward to hearing a full length album from these guys for sure.

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