Apr 042013

On March 22, 2013, Sweden’s Hypocrisy performed at a record release show in Stockholm for their new album End of Disclosure, which is out now on the Nuclear Blast label. Director Ville Lipiäinen was on hand to film some of what transpired. Lipiäinen was also the director of Hell Over Sofia, the band’s live 2011 performance DVD, and today Nuclear Blast released his video of Hypocrisy performing “Tales of Thy Spineless”.

There’s a lot of old-school, thrashing, grinding death metal in this track, but with a nice little catchy melody that sneaks into the front and back of the song. Actually, the song is like a Hypocrisy sandwich, with one song sandwiched in between parts of another quite different one. I’m happy with both parts (listen for dat base in the middle segment).

The video is, of course, well done. It was filmed from multiple camera angles, including one trained on the front row of the audience. Watch it after the jump.



  1. great song!!!!

  2. New album is growing on me!!!!

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