Apr 142013

Nope, not metal, not even close. But since I slapped “Gangnam Style” up on the site last August, I figured I might as well do the same with Psy’s new music video, “Gentleman”. I’m a little faster this time — I missed the premiere of “Gangnam Style” by a month; “Gentleman” debuted only yesterday. Of course, as I write this it already has over 6.9 million YouTube views. In case you were wondering, the “Gangnam Style” video now has over 1.5 billion views.

I watched this new thing with low expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I thought “Gangnam Style” was a kick in the ass, but holy hell, every time I turned around over the next two months there the damned thing was, either the original or some parody of it. Shit got old. And I was afraid we were in for a re-tread with “Gentleman”.

But it turns out to be pretty good. I mean, the novelty of Psy’s schtick has worn off, and it would be really tough for him to top the batshit craziness of the earlier video, but the song is catchy, and I like the fact that at least as much of it is in Korean as in English. And the video, while not as nuts as the first one, gets points for self-parody. And for the catapult springboards. And what dude doesn’t want to stick a finger up his butt and pass it beneath the nose of a cute chick?  Here you go:



This, by the way, is what they’ve been doing in North Korea for a good time at the Spring People’s Art Festival:


A flower show featuring thousands of Kimilsungia flowers, named after the late leader Kim Il Sung, plus missiles.


Performers sing a song of yearning about late leader Kim Jong Il.


  1. it’s sitting at over 51 millions views so far. Not sure if it’ll break the billion mark or pass “Gangnam Style”, but it’s already got a helluva start.

    I was curious about the lyrics. I wish I hadn’t been. It’s not like there’s any great depth to them or anything, but when shat out into translated English, it makes about as much sense as Google Translate struggling with Finnish. Then again, this is pop music – but it’s better pop music than a great deal of the drivel that gets mainstream airplay.

    Reading a couple interviews and his Reddit AMA, I like the fact that he has a sense of humor about his music and his success. Plus, he has no problem owning up to the anti-American sentiment that made it into one of his earlier songs that came out in 2004. It may not be as quite as bad as some would like you to believe, since it can be translated and interpreted in so many ways; the song echoed sentiments of many over the actions of certain “soliders” and the subsequent response, which is understandable.

  2. I’m more interested in this version of Psy.


  3. Remember when groups like Temple Of The Dog and Public Enemy performed songs of substance regarding the human condition and social inequality? This is what we’ve devolved into?

    • Buit ultimately, no matter how ‘substantial” they may be, music wil never change anything like it may have at one point. We didnt “devolve” into anything; was “Twist and Shout” a testament to the human condition? Thats all this is, just in new clothes, no reason to get bent out of shape.

  4. You know, overall, this song seems to follow the same song template down to a T, the verse, pre-chorus, chorus spacing and feel seem awfully Gangnam-like. I probably shouldn’t be surprised since most pop doesn’t vary much in song structure, but it did feel to me like a bit of a re-hash.

  5. Yeah man I think he farted in his hand and released it in her face. But, he’s bank rolling so he probably paid them girls like 50k or something to be in that video. I stopped it halfway through. Not my thing.

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