Apr 132013

Yesterday Amon Amarth unveiled the cover art, title, and release date for their new album Deceiver of the Gods, which I duly reported here. I seem to have stirred up some shit on our site with a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to the album art. I still maintain that it’s a mixed bag, but I try not to judge a book (or an album) by its cover. More important is what lies within.

With this band, here in 2013, you know with a high degree of certainty what will lie within. Both thematically and musically, the band have settled on a formula that has made them exceedingly popular. It’s a formula that happens to appeal to me, though I must admit that I would love it if the band broke their own mold every now and then and fired something different in the kiln.

Today brought us a stream — and a free download — of the new album’s title track. It’s a thrashier attack than much of what was to be found on 2011’s Surtur Rising, but no less catchy than what you would expect from this band, and with an appealing dual-guitar melody in the mid-part. As my NCS colleagues have pointed out, it also includes a key change!

Have Amon Amarth broken the mold with this song? Nope — it will not throw the Amon Amarth faithful for a loop, nor will it change the minds of those listeners who aren’t impressed with this brand of Viking-themed melodic death metal. But it’s only one song. We may still hear something we aren’t expecting. In the meantime, listen to this one after the jump.

As mentioned, the song is available as a free download, and you can get that right HERE, or via the link you’ll see below.


  1. Whooooaaa, that intro/verse is so thrashy! Borderline Symphony X-ish. Love the chorus too.

    Granted I didn’t give Surtr’s Rising too many spins, but based on this song this seems way more melodic than usual. Definitely more intrigued by this than anything put out on the last album. Haters gonna hate.

    • Haters who hate Amon Amarth hate life. SCIENCE FACT!

    • Surtr Rising was, barring about 2 tracks, absolutely bobbins.

      This one has promise though.

      • Which two? I had the same thing with Surtur Rising; I like the first song (War of the Gods) and the sixth (The Last Stand of Frej); besides those two it was a huge letdown from the epic Twilight of the Thunder God.

        We’ll see what this album becomes.

  2. I like it, good lead at the end. If all the songs are about that pace, I’d be happy. Amon Amarth’s mid-tempo songs start to lose me unless they have something special going for them.

  3. It’s a solid AA song but nothing special. I can’t help it, but I’m a little bit disappointed … Hope there will be some new things on the album.

  4. Oh, i very much like that riffing! it oozes thrash!


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