Apr 152013

As previously reported here in late March, the new album from Sweden’s Dark Tranquillity, Construct, will be released by Century Media on May 27 in Europe and May 28 in North America. At the time of our last report, we only had a snippet of music from the album as part of a video trailer, but it sounded pleasingly vicious. In the last half hour, however, the band have premiered the first complete cut from the album — a song named “For Broken Words”.

It’s mid-paced, dark, doom-y, atmospheric, with a mellow, melodic instrumental segment, a catchy drumbeat, and nasty, cracked-ice vocals for contrast.

I suspect this song is going to draw very mixed reactions as a choice for the first full track premiere. It’s neither galvanizing nor particularly vicious and it may be closer to doom than to DT’s usual style of melodic death metal. But I’m liking it, and I suspect the album is going to be musically varied, with “For Broken Words” being merely one kind of taste of what’s coming.

Have a listen after the jump.



  1. I definitely like it. A lot.

    Reminds me of Haven/Projector era mixed with We Are The Void’s darker moments.

  2. For me, that’s the best thing they’ve done since Damage Done. Really liked the vocals, which at times, were *almost* black metal-ish. Can’t wait to hear what else they came up with

  3. Seems like they’re following the path of Katatonia these days, a bit too vanilla for my tastes.

  4. This shit’s epic, I really feel like we’re in for a threat with regards to their upcoming release.

  5. Not what one would expect from DT, certainly, but I still really liked it. I have to think that the band may well have taken stock of the interest in doomy melo-death and melodic black metal that’s risen in recent years, and tried to work some of that into their sound. DT has experimented a fair amount over the years, so I don’t see anything wrong with trying new directions yet again, especially when they work as well this song does.

  6. Really liked this. Have never really given them a fair chance, they’ve always seemed as just a slight variation of the In Flames-style, which isn’t my cup of absinth normally, but this really gave me something to think about. Which album of their’s would be a good introduction?

  7. On an unrelated note, have you guys, NCS that is, listened to Terra Tenebrosas new album? You introduced me to them, but I haven’t read anything about The Purging (as their new one is called). In my opinion even better than their debut album, this one is equally weird but a little more song focused.

    • I’m glad to hear you say that. I have the album and have been very interested to hear it, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m hoping to fix that this week.

  8. I dig this quite a bit. I felt the last album was horribly stagnating.

  9. Just heard this song from my soundcloud, really great songs.

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