Apr 182013

Yesterday turned out to be a banner day for new music videos, and unfortunately I didn’t have time to write about all of the good ones I saw. So I’m making up for lost time by collecting them in two posts, this one being the first. Herewith, for your listening and viewing pleasure, are new videos from Legend (Iceland) and Deathchain (Finland).


I found out about this Icelandic band’s new video via a Facebook post by Sólstafir, who are apparently friends of the two men who make up Legend — Krummi Björgvinsson and Halldór A Björnsson. I confess that neither Legend nor those two gents were familiar to me, and the music isn’t metal, but the song and the video have hooked me right through the gills.

The song is “Benjamite Bloodline” and it’s from the band’s most recent album Fearless. The music is a building swarm of electronica that eventually unfolds into a thunderous beat, with vocals that are mainly clean but ultimately caustic. The strange video is as interesting to watch as the music is to hear — though I make no attempt to describe it. It’s next . . .


Other songs from Fearless are collected at the band’s Soundcloud page, which you can find via this link.



Last week Svart Records released the sixth album by Finland’s Deathchain, Ritual Death Metal. They’re a new name for me, though their members have been involved in many other bands whose names are quite familiar, including Demilich, Ajattara, and Jess and the Ancient Ones. Yesterday brought the premiere of an official video for a track off the new album named “Seven Asakku Shadows”. The song kills. It’s the kind of death metal that immediately reminded me of a more up-tempo Asphyx, right down to the vocals, which conjured memories of Martin van Drunen. But it’s certainly not a clone of that sound either.

The video, which was directed by Sami Jämsén for Riot Unit, is fascinating to watch — most of it shot in slow motion and altered through a variety of video effects. Watch below.



  1. I hadn’t heard of Deathchain either. But I’m a long-time fan of Ajattara, so I’ll definitely check them out.

    Speaking of Ajattara, which I just did, I read recently online (maybe an old NCS post) about how all-acoustic metal is unheard of. Of course, it made me think of Ajattara’s “Noitumaa” which is all-acoustic and a very enjoyable listen.

  2. that video’s way too overproduced for Deathchain, with all the ridiculous slow motion hair twirling shots. they need something grittier and more energetic, fuck it, even some shaky hand cam crap would’ve suited their sound better.

  3. Deathchain lost me when their old vocalist, Rotten, left. Love everything up to Deathrash Assault, though.

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