May 022013

There is really no need for you to listen to Tetragrammaton before acquiring it. After all, we have been singing its praises for months, culminating in the full-fledged worship ceremony (also known as a “review“) presided over by the Rev. Andy Synn, and what right-thinking metalheads would require anything more than our word before spending their money? Speaking of which, we will be passing the alms plate at the end of this post, so please donate handsomely. Thank you.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, your not needing anything but our word to pick up Tetragrammaton. Well, in every flock there are wayward sheep who just will not do what they are told by their shepherd and insist on learning for themselves where the green pastures lie. For the wayward among you, therefore, we provide this link to Metal Sucks, where you may hear the entirety of Tetragrammaton in all its bombastic glory.

Here endeth the lesson. Please remember to leave your donation after the jump. Go in . . . NO PEACE!


  1. ok, that sounds seriously badass

  2. Something’s wrong with your alms plate, every time I try to put something in it it falls out. Maybe I’m using the wrong currency…

  3. I want to listen to this, but I’m reluctant to venture into the Troll Kingdom to do so.

  4. Link opens page with a ‘no access’ sort of error. Has it moved, has it been taken down?…

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