May 022013

Slayer guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman died earlier today near his Southern California home. He had been forced to pull out of live performances after contracting necrotizing fasciitis, most likely from a spider bite. But the cause of death has been identified as liver failure.  From a press report:

Slayer guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman died earlier today of liver failure. He was 49.

“Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home,” the band’s longtime publicist said in a statement. “Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure.”

Hanneman co-founded the thrash metal greats with Kerry King in 1981; their breakthrough came in 1986 with the brutalist album “Reign in Blood.” Hanneman wrote or co-wrote the set’s standout tracks, “Angel of Death” and “Raining Blood.”

Hanneman is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry.

This is sad news. Jeff Hanneman is gone but his name will be remembered in the community of metal for a very long time.


  1. R.I.P. You may be gone but your work will live forever.

  2. i admit it, i just cried for a couple minutes… 🙁

  3. I just can’t believe it! Slayer has ALWAYS been my favorite band! No matter what happens now, Slayer will never be the same! I hope that Kerry now realizes that he needs to be a man and step up! Stop screwing around and get the band mates back together and kick ass, like you’ve done for so many years!!!

    • I agree with your second thought. It won’t be Slayer without him. It will be a cash machine attached to a name. I guess it has been for a while, to be honest. But this puts a period on the band as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Damn, 49 years old? Way too young.

  5. R.I.P, though I’ve always been skeptical of the whole *spider bite* claim. I’ve always thought it was more like a needle problem, if ya know what I mean.

  6. This fucking sucks. I agree with Islander. Slayer is no more.

  7. This is getting to much. I grew up on Slayer, first gig I went to was Slayer. I’ll always cherish my memories of seeing them live, buying their albums, and getting pummelled in the pit. Rest in power Jeff, hopefully somewhere, somehow you can link with all the fallen greats.

  8. A few more thoughts about Jeff Hanneman’s passing, plus something to remember him by from his last stage appearance with Slayer:

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