May 032013

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new album from Malefice of Reading, England.)

Malefice are one of the only metalcore bands still worth listening to. Hailing from Britain, long time vets of the scene, their new album Five is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. For the uninitiated, Malefice play a style of metalcore that, while old school (very KSE/Unearth/God Forbid), also incorporates quite a bit of love for thrash metal. The result has been a sound completely soaked in violence, jolting whiplash-inducing riffs, and circle-pit-inducing grooves.

The opener “V” pretty much speaks for the album. The galvanizing jackhammer of its verse is enough to get the blood pumping, but it’s the anthem of a chorus that really seals the deal. This is metalcore at its best, when it’s got that intensity, energy, and commitment to bruising the listener, whether being melodic or not. The rest of the music appropriately follows suit, all fast-as-fuck, balls-of-steel metalcore that borders on pure melodic death metal. The sound of Malefice has changed a little bit, though — they’ve tuned their guitars lower and their particular approach to riffs and melodies has definitely taken on a more epic, energetic feel.

I recommend checking this out. You can order it here or download via iTunes or Amazon.  I’m gonna go back to breaking the backs of scene kids across my knee to the title track.

  2 Responses to “MALEFICE: “FIVE””

  1. Oh cool, I didnt realize these guys were still active, sounds great. It’s weird; I own their last album Awaken The Tides, but I cant remember a single track or riff from it (much like Unearth’s Darkness In The Light that same year). I’m still willing to give the new one a spin though, hopefully it will leave a better impression.

  2. I got this today. I gave it 2 play throughs at work. I was moving the whole time, and giddy too. Good stuff.

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