May 032013

photo credit: JR Hunter Photography, Belfast, NI

Thanks to my NCS comrade DGR, I learned back in April that Rainbowdragoneyes — that one-man creator of “extreme chiptune dance metal” also known as Eric W. Brown — had begun offering an unusual piece of merch on Bandcamp. For the price of $8, Rainbowdragoneyes offered to write a personalized limerick and mail it to you, and provide an immediate download of an EP entitled Uentitled that collects 11 Rainbowdragoneyes tunes. Well fuck, how could I resist? I didn’t want a limerick about myself, but something that would be about NCS. So, I plunked down my $8 and waited.

Since then, Uentitled has become available separately (here) for the price of $4, so it seems that I paid $4 for the limerick. But it was $4 well spent. The handwritten limerick did indeed arrive in the mail this week, and here it is:

The blog is No Clean Singing
the place is the World Wide Web
if Extreme music ain’t your thingie,
better look elsewhere instead.

They review lots of pretty cool bands
and the occasional shitey one too
but I bet you can count with one hand
the ones that rhyme like I do.

I am very happy with our limerick (especially because I can’t write rhymes to save my life). I am also very happy with my download of Uentitled. I’m going to let you listen to it below — and you should also know that this special merch offer still stands and can be acquired here:


  1. Favorite part: rhyming “singing” with “thingie.”

  2. So this has me thinking – a couple of bands have offered up the ability to commission songs over the last year or so as Kickstarter styled album drives have gained popularity. Now what if, we paid to have a song made about the site each time this opportunity popped up and amassed ten or so songs about No Clean Singing, and had every song titled No Clean Singing for a comp….called No Clean Singing.

    • Also its too bad the Manifest En B on this one is the premium edition, the ‘Ad’ in the poor people version is pretty funny.

    • That is a brilliant idea!

    • And just for a laugh one song was clean singing.

    • I haven’t seen those kinds of bonuses being offered, but if the chance comes up and the band doesn’t suck, I’m game.

      Actually, it might be more fun if the band DID suck.

      • I know Man Must Die were offering a song written for you (or chosen cover) for something like 500 – I was waffling on the idea of having them do Madonna’s La Isla Bonita if they were down for it, or Paul McCartney’s Let Me In, and Still Remains had one on theirs for like, 5,000 – which at that point with a 15000 kickstarter goal, I’d want at least 1/3’rd of my sites name included in the album title.

  3. what a cool little gimmick 🙂

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