Aug 052014


(DGR compiled this round-up of news items and music, the theme of which you will figure out… because you’re a geek.)


Ovid’s Withering are releasing a chiptune interpretation of their album Scryers Of The Ibis at the end of the month and calling it Scryers Of The Ibits. It’s being done by a guy named Josh Foreman. Right now the only available pre-order is 50 bucks because you get a poster, the original Scryers, the 8-bit version, A Shirt, and a 7″ sculpture. All physical goods on top of the downloads.

Right now, they’re streaming “Murder To Dissect”, which we named as one of last year’s Most Infectious — so thats a good start — and “Acheron”, another really good track. I’m curious as to how “Panikon Deima” is going to handle the “PANIKON DEEEEIMA….TERMINUS!” yelling section. Also, it has a new intro. Continue reading »

Jun 062013

(Here’s a newsy round-up by DGR.)

You may recognize a lot of these names because I have personally written about each group a ton of times here at NCS. Instead of infecting other news posts with my bullshit, though, I figured I’d do you guys a favor and lock them all up in one news post that I’d reserve for myself. That way if you have musical tastes similar to mine, then you can jump on this post and enjoy its spoils (with the exception of the Conducting Kickstarter, that’s almost charitable), and if anything in this post interests you but you haven’t heard the rest, maybe do yourself a favor and check out the other bands!

Now I know that some of you may be wondering why these groups have been popping up so much lately, and it’s because they’ve been releasing substantial updates at a pretty consistent clip and they’ve all been very busy. I’ve tried to archive a bunch of the news that may have been drip-fed into this big post as well, to really bring people up to speed.


You’ll remember that late last week we posted news about the plans of Sacramento, California’s Conducting From The Grave to launch a Kickstarter to help cover the physical/merchandising aspect of their new disc, with a goal set of $15,000 – which has been the common goal for bands that have been doing these as of late. The group had posted a video – the same one they would be using as an intro to the project – in order to get the word out as well as share a new song entitled, ‘Honor Guide Me!’. Consider this an additional update, as the group’s Kickstarter has finally launched and we can now see whether they were on the right track with this idea and what some of the rewards for ponying up “that cheddar” may be. Continue reading »

May 032013

photo credit: JR Hunter Photography, Belfast, NI

Thanks to my NCS comrade DGR, I learned back in April that Rainbowdragoneyes — that one-man creator of “extreme chiptune dance metal” also known as Eric W. Brown — had begun offering an unusual piece of merch on Bandcamp. For the price of $8, Rainbowdragoneyes offered to write a personalized limerick and mail it to you, and provide an immediate download of an EP entitled Uentitled that collects 11 Rainbowdragoneyes tunes. Well fuck, how could I resist? I didn’t want a limerick about myself, but something that would be about NCS. So, I plunked down my $8 and waited.

Since then, Uentitled has become available separately (here) for the price of $4, so it seems that I paid $4 for the limerick. But it was $4 well spent. The handwritten limerick did indeed arrive in the mail this week, and here it is:

The blog is No Clean Singing
the place is the World Wide Web
if Extreme music ain’t your thingie,
better look elsewhere instead.

They review lots of pretty cool bands
and the occasional shitey one too
but I bet you can count with one hand
the ones that rhyme like I do.

Continue reading »

Dec 022012

Here’s a daily round-up of new metal I discovered today that I decided was worth your time. And, of course, who better than I to determine what is and isn’t worth your time? Such important decisions can’t be left up to you, because you would fritter away the hours doing ridiculous things like eating, sleeping, playing with your nether bits, and bathing your hedgehog.

What I have for you in this post: The Resistance (Sweden), Endezzma (Norway), Rainbowdragoneyes (U.S.), and Medicated (Finland).


If you wondered what had become of founding In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad after he left that band in 2010, The Resistance is what happened to him. Along with Jesper, the band also includes guitarist Glenn Ljungström (another In Flames alum), vocalist Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted, Facedown), and drummer Chris Barkensjö (ex-Kaamos, ex-Grave). [At one time, the band also included bass-player Alex Losbäck Holstad (ex-Despite), but he was ejected a few months ago.]

So yes, you could call this a super-group, but The Resistance insist that they are an on-going band and not a one-off project. Their debut EP, Rise From Treason, is now scheduled for release by EarMusic on January 25, with a full-length album projected for next April. Continue reading »

Apr 032012

(I give up. Nintendo metal on NCS, thanks to DemiGodRaven.)

Seems like an upstanding gentleman.

That’s right folks, you’re finally getting the chance to read about a project called Rainbowdragoneyes on NCS. For those who aren’t in the know on this project, it is best described by the artist himself as chiptunes + hate. This basically boils down to heavy metal songs done using 8 bit/16 bit synthesizers so that they sound like the backing music to your favorite Nintendo/Sega games.

I picked up on this project with the album The Primordial Booze, which is so goddamn infectious that it is just impossible to deny a listen. I’ve blared it at work on multiple occasions, usually to the amusing response of, “Who’s the asshole screaming over the Nintendo?”. Each of the songs has a powerful melody that is catchy as all get out.

Well, the artist himself has finally put up some updates as to what he’s been doing since his tour of half the US (one of my greater disappointments was that he was unable to hit the west coast), and surprise, surprise it is making a bunch more music. Continue reading »