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(Here’s a newsy round-up by DGR.)

You may recognize a lot of these names because I have personally written about each group a ton of times here at NCS. Instead of infecting other news posts with my bullshit, though, I figured I’d do you guys a favor and lock them all up in one news post that I’d reserve for myself. That way if you have musical tastes similar to mine, then you can jump on this post and enjoy its spoils (with the exception of the Conducting Kickstarter, that’s almost charitable), and if anything in this post interests you but you haven’t heard the rest, maybe do yourself a favor and check out the other bands!

Now I know that some of you may be wondering why these groups have been popping up so much lately, and it’s because they’ve been releasing substantial updates at a pretty consistent clip and they’ve all been very busy. I’ve tried to archive a bunch of the news that may have been drip-fed into this big post as well, to really bring people up to speed.


You’ll remember that late last week we posted news about the plans of Sacramento, California’s Conducting From The Grave to launch a Kickstarter to help cover the physical/merchandising aspect of their new disc, with a goal set of $15,000 – which has been the common goal for bands that have been doing these as of late. The group had posted a video – the same one they would be using as an intro to the project – in order to get the word out as well as share a new song entitled, ‘Honor Guide Me!’. Consider this an additional update, as the group’s Kickstarter has finally launched and we can now see whether they were on the right track with this idea and what some of the rewards for ponying up “that cheddar” may be.

Within the first couple of days the group raised $3600 of their $15,000 dollar goal (at the time of this posting it’s now up to $4067). With an end date of July 3rd the group may in fact reach their set goal. Looking at the Kickstarter page, we see that they are basically using it as a full-on pre-order system, up until you get to the really silly stretch goals they have set out, like the $200 reward where you get to visit the guys out in exotic and tropical Elk Grove, California to witness the band practice and then go mudboarding with their drummer.

That said, $12 for a physical and digital copy of this upcoming release is a pretty solid deal. The band are actually really candid about the whole process of getting an album out over at their Kickstarter page, so if you’re interested and haven’t yet checked out the new song (which is in the video under this) then do so. If you like what you hear, the group’s project page is located here.



The chiptune metal maestro known as Rainbowdragoneyes (one Eric Brown of a half million different bands including Vale of Pnath) filmed a music video a little while back on a quick tour across the US where he took his one man screaming/singing-over-synth show for the world to see. I’ve posted about this project a lot because for some reason it really clicks with me. The chiptune gear he uses has obvious analogues to actual instruments, and while the songs right now take on a really ridiculous air of black metal being performed over SNES boss fight music, by the same token part of the fun is also imagining this stuff being done on real instruments too.

“The Primordial Booze” is the titular track of its respective album and while that song has been out for a long while, it’s not like he hasn’t kept busy – there’s been a small collection of newer works that have popped up on his bandcamp collection. It’s just that “Primordial Booze” is probably one of his most known tracks, so it seems like a pretty logical jump to make a music video for it.

It’s a really simple track, just a really solid picture of what a Rainbowdragoneyes show is actually like (one dude, microphone, crowd of people looking confounded at it) and then some goofiness over that really catchy song. If you’ve heard the music but never bothered to look up what one of his shows might actually be like, it’s worth clicking the video for that alone – just to prove that this does actually happen in motion and isn’t just some giant bedroom prank that I’ve been slowly propagating since I started writing here.


These next two are going to be super simple, as they’re a hybrid of older and newer news. I’ve been trying to wait for something more concrete but it’s fun to try and forecast the future as well. One of them has also been out there for a while now, but the damned thing is really close, so that one serves more as a reminder.


You’ll recall that Mechina’s release Empyrean (reviewed here!) just hit earlier this year, and we wound up covering their ambitious plans to release an album a year for the next three years as well. Well, now the band have slowly updated that list, and would you believe it — the guys have released the date for their next bit of music via their facebook, and it will be Xenon. One of the releases in their lobbed-about second set of trilogies was going to be a single song and Xenon might just be it, in order to give them more time to slam out a whole disc, especially with a rolling year-over-year schedule. However, the guys are SUPER ambitious with this, so it might just work out that it will all be full CD’s worth of music. Here’s the release date for Xenon, which shocker is set up as a release on 1/1 next year.

/release date_01/01/14

And for those of you who are curious, here is what the band is saying will be the current set of music, as posted on their facebook.


The tentative double trilogy hierarchy. Stay tuned for our upcoming Xenon trailer.



This picture has been up on the Tyrant Of Death Facebook for some time now, but we haven’t really covered it simply because there wasn’t anything solid in the way of music (outside of Alex’s involvement in Psychotic Pulse which you folks should really check out) from that specific camp. He’s been hard at work on it, though, since the release of Cyanide and also has been really quiet. Therefore, we’ve heard no new music from the upcoming release and also there hasn’t been a name revealed — just a banner that says JUNE 10th on it.

You’ll notice I’ve included it in this here post because we’re finally, finally four days away from hearing new Tyrant Of Death music, and with only four days til release, you may actually remember it. The timing is a little rough for me because E3 also falls during that time frame, and that’s my one time a year to really binge out on just how dorky I am, so I may not get around to listening to it until that whole convention cools off on the fourteenth. Until the 10th hits though, check out my review of Cyanide — we also linked to a stream of that disc in the post. Then just remember, June 10th.

I’ll probably have something posted about it then.


  1. This site features good bands most of the time… but what is this garbage? It’s like I stumbled into Hot Topic.

  2. When I hit play on Rainbowdragoneyes I really wasn’t expecting what came out of my speakers… good to see them have some fun with it though. As always, stoked for more Mechina so soon!

  3. Conducting From The Grave is awesome

  4. Wow. Tyrant of Death is pretty great! how have i missed this?

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