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This is about yet another crowd-funding campaign. This one is very interesting on several levels. In a nutshell, the objective of this campaign at indiegogo is to finance a feature-length film named Postpartum. The director is Michael Panduro, who has a long list of noteworthy music videos to his credit, as well as commercials and short films. His music videos include “Ohrwurm” for Cephalic Carnage and “Tarnished Gluttony” for Job For a Cowboy. That “Tarnished Gluttony” video, which I wrote about at length here, is still etched in my mind, one of the best metal videos of 2012.

The fact that Michael Panduro is behind this project is one of three things that made this very interesting. The second, which I’ll come back to in a minute, is the subject matter of the movie. And the third is a perk being offered at indiegogo for contributions toward the making of the film. It’s a music compilation that has drawn support from a bunch of killer bands. The tracklist was just finalized today. It includes 21 songs, six of which have not previously been released, and more than 75 minutes of music. It will be made available as a digital download at the end of the campaign for a contribution of $15.

The bands who have contributed music to the comp include Cephalic Carnage, Job For A Cowboy, The Psyke ProjectRetoxSaint Vitus, and ZEUS!. The previously unreleased tracks come from Bless Yr HeartFuck the Facts, Kount Rotttula, Medeia, Nasum, and Rwake. Here’s the entire, now-finalized tracklist:

Abscission – “Nonexistent”
Bless Yr Heart – “Postpartum Song” (previously unreleased)
Cephalic Carnage – “Ohrwurm”
Doublestone – “The Omen”
Fuck The Facts – “Power Violent” (previously unreleased)
Greber – “Corroding the Blockades”
Helhorse – “So Many Drugs, So Little time”
Job For A Cowboy – “Tarnished Gluttony”
Kanylemassakren – “Xaxao”
Kount Rotttula – “Fiend Unleashed (Iron Bitchface cover)” (previously unreleased)
Medeia – “Death Orientation” (previously unreleased)
Merdarahta – “Breathe”
Nasum – “Mass Hypnosis” / “This is…” / “The Masked Face” (Live from Roskilde 2012 – previously unreleased)
The Psyke Project – “Guillotine”
Retox – “I Rub The Wrong Way”
Rwake – “The War Against The Christians” (previously unreleased)
Saint Vitus – “I Bleed Black”
ScreamerClauz – “Rapist Beware”
ZEUS! – “Sick and Destroy” (feat. Justin Pearson)

That’s a damned strong tracklist.

Now, back to the subject matter of the film. To quote from the description at indiegogo:

“Postpartum” is a feature length tale of having children – and all the bodily horrors that come with it. It’s a psychological, slightly surreal and very gory horror-film, that plays on the idea of children as parasites and explores themes not normally seen in Danish cinema. Think Cronenberg’s “The Brood” mixed with Von Trier’s “Antichrist” and you’re getting close.

So yeah, that interested me — and I’m not even a big fan of horror. Hell, I got queasy and had to hide my eyes just watching the video trailer for the music comp, and it’s tamer than than the trailer for the film. I admit it: I’m a pussy.

The script for the movie is finished, and a lot of other experienced people have signed on to get the movie made (you’ll see background info about many of the key people here). The goal is to begin filming in August.

The target of the indiegogo campaign is $20,000. That’s obviously not going to cover the whole cost of filming a feature-length movie; it’s intended to fund rental of camera and lighting equipment and to demonstrate to potential investors that there’s an audience for a film like this. So far, about $3,700 have been raised, with 29 days left to go in the campaign. I’ve already tossed in my own contribution. Go HERE to get more info and see the list of other perks. There’s a Facebook page for the project at this location.

And now, here are the two videos, one for the movie and one for the music comp (which features a song on the comp by The Psyke Project). The first one is probably NSFW.

Postpartum International Teaser from Michael Panduro on Vimeo.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome project.. although I’m struggling to see how the video trailer relates to the subject matter described for the movie?

    • my thoughts exactly, it was interesting and intriguing, but i have no clue how it fits into the story.

      • Can’t say I have any clues about it either — and I suppose it’s possible that clip may not have anything to do with the movie, other than as an example of the filmmaker’s style in capturing something that is gory, creepy, and sexual (in a disturbing way).

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