Aug 052014


(DGR compiled this round-up of news items and music, the theme of which you will figure out… because you’re a geek.)


Ovid’s Withering are releasing a chiptune interpretation of their album Scryers Of The Ibis at the end of the month and calling it Scryers Of The Ibits. It’s being done by a guy named Josh Foreman. Right now the only available pre-order is 50 bucks because you get a poster, the original Scryers, the 8-bit version, A Shirt, and a 7″ sculpture. All physical goods on top of the downloads.

Right now, they’re streaming “Murder To Dissect”, which we named as one of last year’s Most Infectious — so thats a good start — and “Acheron”, another really good track. I’m curious as to how “Panikon Deima” is going to handle the “PANIKON DEEEEIMA….TERMINUS!” yelling section. Also, it has a new intro. Continue reading »

Feb 122014

This is Part 27 of our list of 2013′s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. For more details about what this list is all about and how it was compiled, read the introductory post via this link. To see the selections that preceded the three songs I’m announcing today, click here.

We’re getting close to the end of this list, with only two more Parts to go after today. The three songs I’m adding now are an eclectic mix, both as compared to each other and with respect to the individual songs themselves — and that’s the main reason I’m grouping them together.


Although I never managed to write a complete review of this Bergen band’s 2013 album The Tower, I did write about every one of the three songs that premiered before the album’s release, so that counts for something I guess. The album is a strange and wondrous creation that sounds like nothing else I heard last year. The first song to premiere remains my favorite — and it’s the one I’m now adding to this list. Continue reading »

Dec 122013

(In this post DGR reviews the new album by Tampa-based Ovid’s Withering.)

As we sprint toward the back half of the year, there are still albums out there that I feel need to be reviewed by the site. Though new releases have lightened up as the year draws to a close, the occasional one still comes through that needs to be talked about because they are heavy contenders to appear on a lot of year-end lists, and these bands will have seemingly come out of nowhere for some people.

Ovid’s Withering is one such band, a group from Tampa, Florida who have been pounding the ground for some time now, putting out a couple of EPs (Cloud Gatherer was reviewed here by TheMadIsraeli) and demos for people to check out – music of such good quality that the group had a tremendous amount of steam behind them by the time they released their debut album Scryers Of The Ibis in November of this year.

Ovid’s Withering combine many of the genre strands that have gained traction in death metal and deathcore as of late, infusing the aforementioned two with elements pulled from progressive, djent (their definition on Bandcamp, I’m trying to avoid the phrase), groove, blackened, and even symphonic metal. Many bands who do this tend to be overwhelmed by their own ambition, but Ovid’s Withering manage to take music from genres whose labels tend to make the eyes of the closeted metal elitist in all of us roll backwards into our skulls and make it work — becoming an amalgamation of all of those things, pulling the best from each and making it their own sound. Continue reading »

Nov 132012

This post brings some good news and some sad news. On the positive front, we have a new song from Ovid’s Withering. On the sad front, we’ve just learned that Arthur Von Nagel is leaving Cormorant.


We’ve been following this Florida band ever since they released their debut EP, The Cloud Gatherer, last spring (reviewed at NCS here). Ovid’s Withering are now working on their first album and they’ve recently released one of its tracks for streaming and “pay what you want” download on Bandcamp (here).

The song is named “The Reckoning. The Summoning. The Purge”. As described by the band: “This is part of a 5 song concept that will be on our full-length album. The story follows Pan, who is engrossed with the idea of cleansing the world. This is Part II, where he kidnaps Anesidora from her lover, Prometheus.” This part of the story line is reflected in the lyrics and described in detail on Bandcamp.

TheMadIsraeli, who first made me aware of the new song, gives us this introduction to the new music: Continue reading »

Mar 152012

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut EP by Ovid’s Withering.)

Well Trollfiend, you got what you wanted.

Trollfiend asked me after a post of mine a long time ago (I don’t remember which one) if I ever thought Blackened-djent was possible or if I knew any existed.  At the time, at least to my knowledge, none existed.  That is until now.

Ovid’s Withering are exactly that:  Black metal and djent combined to create one of the most epic aural experiences I’ve gone through.  I honestly didn’t think it was fucking possible, people, and while this isn’t an entirely pure blackened djent experience (lots of tech death is present as well), a boundary I didn’t think breakable has officially been broken.  This band is also quite relevant to my interests, and I assume all of us here at NCS as well — this band has 7 Horns 7 Eyes vocalist JJ “Shiv” Polachek doing his beastly savagery on the mic.

This is Ovid’s Withering’s debut EP, The Cloud Gatherer. Continue reading »