Aug 052014


(DGR compiled this round-up of news items and music, the theme of which you will figure out… because you’re a geek.)


Ovid’s Withering are releasing a chiptune interpretation of their album Scryers Of The Ibis at the end of the month and calling it Scryers Of The Ibits. It’s being done by a guy named Josh Foreman. Right now the only available pre-order is 50 bucks because you get a poster, the original Scryers, the 8-bit version, A Shirt, and a 7″ sculpture. All physical goods on top of the downloads.

Right now, they’re streaming “Murder To Dissect”, which we named as one of last year’s Most Infectious — so thats a good start — and “Acheron”, another really good track. I’m curious as to how “Panikon Deima” is going to handle the “PANIKON DEEEEIMA….TERMINUS!” yelling section. Also, it has a new intro.






The man behind Cold Insight, and vocalist for Enshine and vocalist/keyboardist for Fractal GatesSebastien Pierre — has released another in his metal interpretations of songs from the Mass Effect series. He’s been sticking mainly to Mass Effect 3, which is a game I deeply love for its multiplayer (talk about a game that had its hooks in me, I still find myself resisting temptation to go back), and this time he’s done the song “Transcendence.”

Prior to this he’s done two versions of “Hold The Line”, as well as “We Simple Are”, “Leaving Earth”, “An End Once And For All”. You can find the most recent one here

and his main page on Bandcamp is here, for the other six songs; he’s shown quite the love over the years of taking on different videogame themes and metalicizing them.







Eric Brown, aka Rainbowdragoneyes, has finally released a full album follow-up to the infectiously catchy Primordial Booze. His ridiculous and awesome take on chiptune metal mixed with joyfully sung and black metal screeched vocals has really been fun to watch spread throughout the web, slow burn as they have been.

His newest release, The Secret Mirror, hits in August, but he’s been streaming it over on Bandcamp right now and selling it for…wait for it…$6.66. Yep. Gotta hand it to him, he finds some cheese and he goes hard on it.

The Secret Mirror sees a bit of an upgrade in sound but is otherwise the Rainbowdragoneyes formula undisturbed — super-catchy, campy, and a glorious hybrid of metal songwriting and chiptunes. Listening to him scream over stuff that could easily back a Castlevania game has always been a joy.




  1. Rainbowdargontears is strangely satisfying to listen to.

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