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It’s getting to be that time of year, the time when we dive head first into the polluted sea of year-end listmania. Our listmania extravaganza comes in four parts. First, we re-print assorted lists of the year’s best albums, leeched from other web sites and magazines. Second, we collect our readers’ lists of the songs they enjoyed the most from the year that’s rapidly drawing to a close. Third, we post the year-end lists of our own staff and assorted guest writers. And fourth, we roll out our list of the year’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs.

And that last list is the subject of this post (we’ll be inviting you to give us your lists of the year’s best albums as we get closer to the actual end of the year — so start thinking about that).

In case you’ve forgotten, or you’ve become an NCS reader since this time last year, here’s what this is about:

To repeat, this isn’t a list of the best metal albums of the year. It’s not even our list of the best individual extreme metal songs of the year — though some of the songs might actually be among the best of the year. Instead, ours is a list of the most infectious extreme metal songs we’ve heard this year. We’re talking about songs that might produce involuntary physical movement, songs that have got catchy rhythms, memorable melodies, sweet grooves, or anything else that sticks the song in your head and makes you want to keep listening to it.

To be one of the most infectious songs of the year, it’s got to be something that worms its way into your brain to such an extent you can’t get it out (and wouldn’t want to) — you mentally replay it at unexpected times and you go back to the song repeatedly for listening.

Maybe it’s the kind of song that has become one of your favorites for some kind of activity — whether it be drinking or smoking, working out, humping, rolling down the road in some kind of wheeled vehicle with the volume turned up, trying to drown out your kids, doing your laundry, doing school work, doing actual paying work, pleasuring yourself while gazing at a photo of me, getting into the right kind of mood or out of the wrong one, or even just day-dreaming.

I’ve already got my own working list of candidates and I’m going to collect suggestions from our regular writers, but no doubt we will overlook some gems. So, here’s what I want: Please leave comments to this post with your suggestions — or e-mail them to:

I’ll then pick what I think are the most infectious tracks of the year and start playing those songs for you in groups of two as we get closer to year-end. The first year we did this, I limited the list to 10 songs. In 2010, I expanded it to 30. In 2011 it grew to 39. Last year it topped out at 56! As you can see, I have a really fuckin’ hard time making decisions. I have no idea how many songs we’ll feature this year.

So, reflect on the music you’ve really been enjoying this year and please let us hear from you. By leaving your favorites in the comments, this post will also become a way for other metal fans to find new music.

  67 Responses to “HELP A BROTHER OUT? (We Need Yore Songs)”

  1. Beastwars – Realms

  2. Every track on Serpents Unleashed!

    Black Dahlia Murder – Raped In Hatred By Vines of Thorn
    Anciients – Raise the Sun
    Kingcrow – The Hatch (the chorus is mad catchy)
    Ghost – Year Zero
    Satan – Life Sentence
    Arsis – Handbook For The Recently Deceased
    Thrawsunblat – Lifelore Revelation
    Red Fang – Blood Like Cream

    These are some picks after a quick cycle through the library

  3. Caligula’s Horse – Atlas
    Nekrogoblikon – Powercore
    Altar of Plagues – Remedy And A Fever
    The Amenta – Obliterate’s Prayer
    Benea Reach – Empire
    Soilwork – Tongue
    Shade Empire – Ruins
    TesseracT – Nocturne
    Dark Tranquillity – The Science of Noise
    Castevet – As Fathomed By Beggars and Victims

  4. Arsis – Choking on the Sand
    Black Dahlia Murder – Raped In Hatred By Vines of Thorn
    Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood
    Exhumed – Necrocracy
    Fleshgod Apocalypse – Elegy
    Soilwork – Spectrum of Eternity
    Soilwork – Tongue
    Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam

  5. Wormed – Xenoverse Discharger
    Whoretopsy – Nature’s Pocket (The album is not out yet, but this single is kickass.)
    Gorguts – The Battle of Chamdo
    Eibon – The Void Settlers
    Bring Me The Horizon – And The Snakes Start To Sing
    The Body – Bearer of Bad Tidings
    The Body – The Ebb And Flow of Tides In A Sea Of Ash
    Rivers of Nihil – Rain Eater
    Portal – Curtain
    Guttural Secrete – Deadened Prior to Coitus
    Locrian – Return To Annihilation

    • Yeah I know, the Gorguts one isn’t metal at all, but the whole album is really amazing, so choosing one would be really hard.

  6. In no particular order…

    1. Sannhet- Absecon Isle (
    2. Deafheaven- Dream House (
    3. Falls of Rauros- All That Howling Fog (
    4. Vulture Industries- The Tower (
    5. Russian Circles- Memorial (
    6. Red Fang- Crows in Swine (
    7. Lord Dying- In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment (
    8. Cult of Luna- Passing Through (
    9. The Ocean- Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams (
    10. Battlecross- Flesh & Bone (
    11. Shining- I Won’t Forget (
    12. Ihsahn- Hiber (
    13. ASG- Blood Drive (
    14. Noctum- Temple of the Living Dead (

    OK, I’m getting carried away. I’ll stop now.


    Listen to the brand new track from Upon Your Grave’s Eponym album coming out November 28th ! here is ” Life Simulator ”

  8. Decaying – The Ardennes Offensive
    Hail of Bullets – Pour le Merite
    Manegarm – Hordes of Hel
    Manegarm – Sons of War
    Maniac – Corrupted Moon
    Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart
    Convulse – Unholy War

  9. Holy shit. On the one hand, I’m glad I invited other ideas, because I overlooked so many of these or haven’t heard them at all. On the other hand, my list is now growing like mushrooms after a heavy rain.

  10. (1) Skeletonwitch – “From a Cloudless Sky”
    (2) Sockweb – “Werewolf”
    (3) In Solitude – “Death Knows Where”
    (4) White Wizzard – “Strike the Iron”
    (5) Exhumed – “Dysmorphic”
    (6) Carcass – “316L Grade Surgical Steel”
    (7) Toxic Holocaust – “Salvation is Waiting”
    (8) Warbringer – “The Turning of the Gears”
    (9) Havok – “It Is True”
    (10) Kataklysm – “Like Animals”
    (11) Skeletal Spectre – “Serpent Moon”
    (12) Dark Tranquillity – “For Broken Words”
    (13) Fleshgod Apocalypse – “Minotaur (The Wrath of Poseidon)”
    (14) Heaven Shall Burn – “Hunters Will Be Hunted”
    (15) TOAD – “Taste of the Grave”
    (16) Darkthrone – “Leave No Cross Unturned”
    (17) Wormed – “Stellar Depopulation”
    (18) Scale the Summit – “Atlas Novus”
    (19) Within the Ruins – “Ataxia II”
    (20) Kalmah – “Wolves in the Throne”
    (21) Immolation – “Kingdom of Conspiracy”
    (22) Revocation – “Fracked”
    (23) Amorphis – “The Wanderer”
    (24) Soilwork – “Spectrum of Eternity”
    (25) Black Fast – “Obelisk”

  11. This is tough to just spit out, but I’ll give it a go. Besides, it figures that the most infectious songs are those that are sticking with me at any given moment.

    In no particular order:
    Shade Empire – Nomad
    In Vain – Floating on the Murmuring Tide
    Dark Tranquillity – None Becoming
    Altar of Plagues – A Remedy and a Fever
    Wolfheart – Routa pt. 2
    Hanging Garden – Ash and Dust
    Fleshgod Apocalypse – Minotaur (Wrath of Poseidon)
    The Ocean – Signals of Anxiety
    Omnium Gatherum – Formidable

    I must have missed dozens but these are the ones that come to mind just now.

  12. Catharist – At the Gates
    Conducting from the Grave – Into the Rabbit Hole
    Dark Tranquillity – The Science of Noise
    Deals Death – Point Zero Solution
    Kartikeya – Tunnels of Naraka
    Man Must Die – Patriot
    Spheron – Saturnian Satellites

    I could lengthen the list, but these are the *most* infectious (that I can think of right now, without looking at others’ lists).

  13. In no particular order:
    Shade Empire – Ruins
    Kuolemanlaakso – Minä Elän (Or any else from that album)
    Wolfheart – Routa pt.2
    Sons of Aeon – Wolf Eyes
    Omnium Gatherum – The Unknowing
    Kaunis Kuolematon – En ole mitään

  14. I’ve been thinking about this list all year, and the two songs which stay on the list are:

    Vreid – The Reap
    Bölzer – Entranced by the Wolfshook

    Right now, I would probably add the following songs:

    Mitochondrion – Insummation (I think it is mostly the breakdowns in the last couple of minutes that are keeping this one in my head)
    Thrawsunblat – Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings (I agree that the other Thrawsunblat pick above is infectious, but this one has been in my head for months)
    Darkthrone – Lesser Men (I saw the “Leave No Cross Unturned” pick above, and I think that is also a good choice)
    Exhumed – Coins Upon the Eyes

    After I have had more time to listen to it, I think one of the songs from the new Carcass album would also make this list.

  15. Definitely Arsis- Sunglasses at Night
    I’ll think of more later

  16. (Psychoparalysis) – The Numbers Become My Enemies
    Exhumed – Dysmorphic
    Feared – Vintersol
    Solium Fatalis – Molecular Devices
    Unhuman – Once Again
    Soul Remnants – Incinerator
    Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy
    Soulfly – The is Violence
    Suffocation – As Grace Descends
    Dormant Ordeal – Days That Didn’t Make It
    Megalodon – Dual Vision Triple Sonic
    Carcass – Captive Bolt Pistol

  17. Hard to say, I’m still waiting on a few albums to come out (Code ,DunkelNacht, Bliss of Flesh) and a few others to arrive – So far:

    Twilight of the Gods: Fire on the Mountain
    Shining: The Hurting Game / I Won’t Forget
    Devin Townsend – Grace (Retinal Circus)
    Entropia – Vesper
    geÄst – NebellebeN
    Thy Light – Wander of Solitude
    Progenie Terrestre Pura – Progenie Terrestre Pura
    Rotting Christ – Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
    Manzer – Pictavia

    This is unfortunately only a few. There is more, just can’t think of them at the moment.

    Would also love to add other things that I’ve come across but are from previous years, that I only found out about this year: Agruss, Advent Sorrow, Doomsday, Chrome Waves, The Senseless and Nagelfar (Hünengrab im Herbst) to name but a few.

    Good luck with the list

  18. Concrete- Batillus
    Burnt Year- Altar of Plagues
    I Am Rebirth- Ancient VVIsdom
    In Exodus- Nails
    Tears of Blood- Olde Growth
    Rags- Primitive Man
    Burned From Bone- Skeletonwitch
    Khan- Tenggar Cavalry
    Lifelore Revelation- Thrawsunblat
    Another Fallen Brother- Tyr

    To name a few… 🙂

  19. Uh… this will be my last one.

    Sol Invictus- Atlantean Kodex

  20. i’m terrible at these kind of lists, but here goes.

    Battlecross – Force Fed Lies
    The Black Dahlia Murder – Phantom Limb Masturbation
    Born Of Osiris – Absolution
    Chimaira – All That’s Left is Blood
    Exhumed – Dysmorphic
    Facebreaker – Meat Freak
    Grave – Morbid Ascent
    Hail of Bullets – Swoop of the Falcon
    Heaven Shall Burn – Hunters Will Be Hunted
    Jungle Rot – Carpet Bombing
    Just Before Dawn – Pulverised
    Killswitch Engage – The Hell In Me
    Kataklysm – Elevate
    The Monolith Death Cult – Human Wave Attack
    Portal – Kilter
    Revocation – The Hive
    Saprogenic – Choking Victim
    Six Feet Under – Prophecy (i swear i hear this fucking song in my dreams, it’s so damn catchy)
    Skeletonwitch – Burned From Bone
    Svart Crown – Profane
    Soilwork – Rise Above The Sentiment
    Wormed – Nucleon

  21. I may be a bit biased with this (being that it’s off my current AOTY), but “Eyes Become Black” by Voices is.. like, the perfect black metal song of 2013. There are definitely better songs on the album, but that one in particular has everything that’s great about the band on display. Even at 6 minutes, it’s way too short. I almost always replay it as soon as the song’s over.

    Also I think it’s already been mentioned, but either “Serpent Moon” or “Bone Dust” by Skeletal Spectre. Both those songs are criminally infectious.

    • I might argue that “Eyes Become Black” is the best song on the album, and it’s one of my favorite songs/albums of the year. I’ll second this for the list, in part because I don’t think that album has gotten enough exposure.

  22. 1) Omnium Gatherum – “The Sonic Sign”
    2) Dark Tranquillity – “Endtime Hearts”
    3) Children Of Bodom – “All Twisted”
    4) Kalmah – “Black Marten’s Trace”
    5) Arsis – “Carve My Cross”
    6) Soilwork – “Parasite Blues”
    7) The Ocean – “Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe”
    8) Deafheaven – “Vertigo”
    9) Altar Of Plagues – “Scald Scar of Water”
    10) Intronaut – “The Welding”
    11) Ihsahn – “Regen”
    12) Ghost B. C. – “Per Aspera Ad Inferi”
    13) Toxic Holocaust – “Rat Eater”
    14) Skeletonwitch – “This Evil Embrace”
    15) Onslaught – “Fuel For My Fire”
    16) The Black Dahlia Murder – “Phantom Limb Masturbation”
    17) Hail Of Bullets – “The Desert Fox”
    18) Tribulation – “Wanderer in the Outer Darkness”
    19) Watain – “De Profundis”
    20) Gorguts – “Absconders”
    21) Ulcerate – “Confronting Entropy”
    22) Fleshgod Apocalypse – “Warpledge”
    23) Fallujah – “Venom Upon The Blade”
    24) Immolation – “Bound To Order”
    25) Rivers Of Nihil – “Mechanical Trees”

  23. Here’s a few:

    American Sharks – Overdrive
    Anciients – Raise The Sun
    Arsis – Sunglasses At Night
    Battlecross – Flesh & Bone
    The Black Dahlia Murder – In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
    Clutch – D.C. Sound Attack!
    Cult Of Luna – I: The Weapon
    Death Angel – Caster Of Shame
    Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil
    Dethklok – Blazing Star
    The Dillinger Escape Plan – Prancer
    Exhumed – Coins Upon The Eyes
    Exmortus – Immortality Made Flesh
    Extol – A Gift Beyond Human Reach
    Fleshgod Apocalypse – Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseidon)
    Fuck The Facts – l’enclume le et marteau
    GWAR – Madness At The Core Of Time
    Hail Of Bullets – Pour Le Merite
    Hatchet – Fall From Grace
    In Solitude – A Buried Sun
    Kataklysm – Fire
    Kvelertak – Evig Vandrar
    Leprous – The Valley
    Man Must Die – Antisocial Network
    Noisem – Voices In The Morgue
    The Ocean – Abyssopelagic II: Signals Of Anxiety
    Orchid – Wizard Of War
    Pyrexia – Thy Minion
    Red Fang – Blood Like Cream
    Revocation – Invidious
    Shining – I Won’t Forget
    Skeletonwitch – I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)
    Sockweb – Werewolf
    Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry Of Consciousness
    Tyr – Blood Of Heroes
    Warbringer – Hunter-Seeker
    Watain – They Rode On
    Windhand – Orchard or Evergreen

    I’m extremely decisive, as you can see.

  24. I’ll say:

    Saille- Runaljod
    Aether Realm- Winter’s Grasp
    Skineater- Stab
    Impalers- Power Behind the Throne
    Mechina- Elephtheria
    Starkill- New Infernal Rebirth
    Tristania- Number
    Fetid Zombie- The Cold Grip of Death
    Thou Art Lord- Artificial Malevolence and Πολιτεία Δαιμόνων
    Sacriphyx- Buried Behind the Lines
    Porta Nigra- Megalomaniac
    Caladan Brood- Echoes of Battle

    That’s probably enough.

    • Can we talk about how awesome that Caladan Brood album is? It’s what I was hoping Summoning would do to follow up Oath Bound (not that Old Mornings Dawn is bad, it’s just not what I expected)

    • I cant get past the Casio keyboard sound to those synths.

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