May 092013

Dark Tranquillity’s promised official video for the song “Uniformity” has just premiered at Metal Hammer. It’s the third song to be unveiled from Construct, the new DT album that will be released on May 27 via Century Media Records. The video was filmed by Patric Ullaeus.

The song is the second of the three released so far that to my ears has a doom vibe. It’s mid-paced, extremely melodic — even dreamy — and half the vocals are cleanly sung. I’m enjoying the song, but I have to say that I prefer the last single, “The Science of Noise” (featured here), which was a more high-energy track closer to DT’s traditional sound.

Anyway, check out the video and the music right after the jump and share your reactions in the Comments.


  1. I like this quite a bit and I’m pleased with the new direction they’re taking. They were in desperate need of changing things up so as to not keeping making the same ole’ redundant snooze fest they have been putting since the success of Damage Done.

    • I’m definitely not down on this song. I think it was clear after the first two songs that this album was going to be diverse and different, and this third song makes the point again. I’m very interested to hear the rest of the album to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

  2. I like the song. I’m definitely liking the fact that they’re… well, not exactly trying something entirely “new” but keeping things fresh with this release.

    And I say this as a huge fan of their direction post-Damage Done.

    But I think the real issue here is… what happened to their lovely hair???

  3. This song is pure gold. Absolutely brilliant! This one is even better than the already stellar other tracks that have been spoiled for this album thus far.

    And I’m pleased they’re trying something new, but I’m a bit of a DT junkie: I like basically everything these guys have made. But fair is fair, they needed a change, because on We Are The Void it was obvious that this was as far as they could go with their established sound.

  4. i’m not a huge DT fan, but it’s a pretty good track

  5. I needed to give this song a second listen, just to confirm my original inclination….which was, and still is, that it’s an ok song. I’ve heard the monotone-riff style done better; the use of the clean vocals is courageous, and sparingly used to good effect. The drums were a little too predictable, but the by-play between both guitars would be the highlight of the entire song. If the album will be another 10 songs of this, no thanks. But if DT manage to create a different atmosphere for each song, I think this next work will be keeper….

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