May 092013

The Ruins of Beverast is a one-man project of Alexander von Meilenwald, a German multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who formerly was the drummer of a now-defunct band named Nagelfar and has also been involved with other bands as a live member and session musician. To date, The Ruins of Beverast has released three well-received full-length albums, and a fourth named Blood Vaults (The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer) will be released by Ván Records later this year on a date to be announced.

Last month a song from the new album surfaced on YouTube, and I discovered it a few days ago thanks to a message from NCS supporter deckard cain. The song is called “Malefica” and it’s more than 10 minutes long. But despite its length I’ve been listening to it 3-4 times a day since finding it. I can’t remember if I’ve ever listened to this band’s music before, despite having seen rave reviews of previous albums, but this song is completely fantastic.

It begins with echoing electronic pulses, mournful reverberating guitar notes, and a combination of distorted and clean vocals. The weight of the song increases dramatically as massive, distorted guitar chords come in, but the hook doesn’t really get set until organ and guitar take up the core melody and deep, dark, ghastly, harsh vocals enter in. That core melody is absolutely captivating — it continues to wind through the song like a black river, with the instrumentals becoming increasingly intense and heavy.

“Malefica” includes stylistic elements associated with black metal, but it’s more a crushing slab of melodic doom-death, both magisterial and melancholy. I strongly recommend you give this a listen; it makes me tremendously eager to hear Blood Vaults whenever it comes.


  1. FUCK YES. I’ve been listening to this song since VAN posted it. Looking forward to seeing them live at the Aurora Infernalis this year. (Together with MGLA)

  2. I concur, that is an awesome track. Really has some unconventional elements, I might have to check out his earlier albums.

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