May 132013

Three Floyds bills itself as “a small Artisanal craft brewery located in Munster, IN just down the road from Chicago, IL”. I found out about them because they’ve brought out an ale named “Permanent Funeral”, after the song of the same name from Pig Destroyer’s Book Burner album. The ale’s description is as follows:

“The wolf inside this pale ale is trying to walk upright. This bright and aromatic beer was brewed with our friends in the band Pig Destroyer.”

It’s too bad Three Floyds is so far away from Seattle and so limited in its distribution, because they’d sell the shit out of this stuff here. I mean, even if it tasted like piss from a diabetic goat, lots of people would pay for the pleasure of ordering “a shot and a Permanent Funeral” at their local watering hole, and then drinking the brew from a bottle with a label like the one above.

Plus, it appears that Permanent Funeral will knock you on your ass.

I found some additional info about the ale on this beer site, which includes the fact that Permanent Funeral’s style is “American Double / Imperial IPA” and that it has an alcohol-by-volume content of 10.5% (shit!). It also got some nice reviews on that same site, including this one:

Whoa confusing… I’ve been drinking this brew and waited for the last glass to review it. I was thinking that this was a pale ale as stated by the label and somewhere in the 5-7% range. I was shocked when I learned the actual ABV, but that’s a testament to the balance of this brew.

Nice gold pour with dense white head and plenty of lacing. The nose is aromatic with a few varietals of hops coming to the surface, mainly citrus, lemon rind, melon, and pine come through. The taste is fruity and full of delicious hop flavor up front with light bitterness. Tastes as if this brew is hop bursted as the bitterness is well overshadowed by the aromatic hops.

Notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and peach join the party with a sturdy malt presence towards the finish. Mouthfeel is moderate with smooth and somewhat creamy body. Overall, quite a tasty beer with absurd balance and drinkability.

The names of other beers brewed by Three Floyds are almost as great as Permanent Funeral. They include Alpha King, Gumballhead, Dreadnaught (pay attention to the spelling of that one), Jinx Proof (yeah, right), Arctic Panzer Wolf (fuck yeah!), and Zombie Dust. And don’t forget about the seasonal beers, which include Behemoth, Dark Lord, Blackheart, and Apocalypse Cow.

But that’s not all! This brewery also hosts an annual Dark Lord Day celebration at the brewery, and this year’s event (held on April 30) featured live music by High On Fire, Municipal Waste, Pig Destroyer, Sweet Cobra, Lair of the Minotaur, and Bloodiest. Damn, now this is a brewery that knows how to throw a fuckin’ party!

Next time I get to the Chicago area, I know one of the first places I’ll hit up. Hope they have some Permanent Funeral left.



  1. My brother went to Dark Lord day and snagged a shitload of every kind of their beer. Permanent Funeral was fantastic and very heavy for an IPA. You need to try Zombie Dust, it has almost a mango taste to it, a kind of citrus hop also prevalent in the Permanent Funeral beer. One of the benefits of living in Louisville, Three Floyds is close and can be found here in local liquor stores! The New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany Indiana has amazing beers. Only about 40 min. from my house. Not sure if they do national distribution though? Very strong, hoppy, complex beers I’m sure you would love it.

  2. In fact reading this has strongly compelled me to get my lazy ass up and imbibe several of the delicious Zombie Dust brews sitting in my fridge!

  3. Did you guys not know about 3Floyds’ collabs with Municipal Waste and Amon Amarth either? The AA one is discontinued though.
    Every 3Floyds beer I’ve ever had has been top-notch, that Behemoth shit will REALLY put you down. Too bad my local beer hall hasn’t stocked any of these metal-band collaborations yet. I bug them about it every time I’m in there though.

    • I think I saw something about the Amon Amarth commemorative brew but didn’t follow up enough to see the name of the brewery. I’m definitely going to bug my favorite Seattle bar about this — it can’t hurt.

      • Washington dosnt get 3 Floyds…Ive been really wanting to try someof their stuff, but unfortunately theyre pretty limited in their distribution. Even in Illinois its pretty limited

  4. i’d buy a bottle just to have that kickass label on display in my house

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