May 232013

In today’s first post I commented about the fact that we usually don’t post press releases, or much of anything else that doesn’t involve the release of actual music, as opposed to forecasts of music to come. One exception to that general rule, as happened in that first article, occurs when we find disclosures of eye-catching album art. We’re making another exception in this post — because it involves fuckin’ CARCASS!!!

The news is this: After weeks of hinting around, Carcass has revealed that they’ve signed with Nuclear Blast for the release of Surgical Steel, their first album in something like 18 years. We’ll have to wait until an unidentified date this fall to get our mitts on it, but since we’ve been waiting for 18 years, what’s a few more months?

As noted, there’s no music to be heard, yet, but we do have this statement about the new album by Nuclear Blast owner and founder Markus Staiger: “It is a perfect mixture of Heartwork and Necroticism with a massive production to boot. The album is without a doubt just as perfect and lethal as surgical steel itself, and exactly what both old and new fans have waited for eagerly all of these years!”

Be still my beating heart.

If you haven’t been following the news, the new Carcass line-up consists of original guitarist Bill Steer and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker , plus new drummer Dan Wilding (ABORTEDTRIGGER THE BLOODSHED) and guitarist Ben Ash (PIG IRONDESOLATIONLIQUEFIED SKELETON). We’re told to expect some guest vocals from original drummer Ken Owen as well.

As the kids say, my body is ready.


  1. But no Michael Amott… I wonder if the guitar solos and melodies will turn out to be as great as they were on Heartwork.

    • Worry not, my friend. IMO, Bill Steer is the soul of Carcass and one of the most underrated guitarists in all of metal-dom. I think Carcass with be juuuuuust fine with out Amott.

  2. even though i know a lot of it is standard signing press release hype, i can’t help but get excited by it all

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