Jun 122013

I was extremely disappointed to learn last fall that Arthur Von Nagel had (amicably) parted ways with Cormorant to pursue a career in the video-gaming business (details reported here). That band was a powerfully talented collective, and Arthur was unquestionably a key part of its appeal. On the other hand, Cormorant encompassed a lot of other talents, too — and now the band are on their way back with a new vocalist and a new album.

As reported here within the last hour, Cormorant are preparing to enter Trakworx Studio in South San Francisco this coming September to record the follow-up to 2011’s remarkable Dwellings, and the new album is projected for release in late 2013 or early next year.

According to that same press release, “the band’s third LP will further explore the black metal and doom influences found on Dwellings and will also mark the first appearance of new bassist/vocalist Marcus Luscombe (VENGINCE, ex-CLOAKWHEEL).” 

The band included this statement in the report:

“We’re excited to have Marcus Luscombe join Cormorant for our next album. Marcus is a Bay Area native who has been active in the metal scene since 1999 as lead guitarist, songwriter and backing vocalist for Vengince (Ivory Tower/Cargo Records) and lead singer, lyricist and guitarist for Cloakwheel (Nightmare Records). We’re very impressed by his creativity and musicianship, and we look forward to utilizing his talents on the upcoming record and beyond.”

Although I still regret Von Nagel’s departure, I have to say I’m very excited about this news.

If you happen to be new to Cormorant, their entire discography (including Dwellings) is currently streaming on their Bandcamp page at this location.


  1. Hopefully this new one will be better than Dwellings. What a disappointment that album was after Metazoa.

    • You mean to say that you liked Metazoa/ more than Dwellings, right? …

      • Nah, I see exactly where he’s coming from. Dwellings was only excellent and one of the best albums of the year, while Metazoa is one of the best albums of all time. It’s unfair to the album and band, but I too was (slightly) disappointed with Dwellings, simply on the grounds of how damn much I love Metazoa.

        Super psyched for this news however and can’t wait to hear some of the tune-age.

        • One has no arguments. One was just a little confused about the statement he made.

          • I could have phrased that better, but yes. Metazoa was great, and gave me very high expectations for Dwellings, but that only made it hurt a little more when I listened to it. Dwellings is just a poorly planned and thought out album, and it made me sad knowing that the band was capable of so much more.

            • I have to agree. Of course, there’s no way it could really compare to Metazoa, but I just haven’t been able to get into Dwellings; I’ve worn the shirt more often than I’ve listened to the album. It sounded more like something that could have come out between The Last Tree and Metazoa instead of after them. Decent album, sure, but nowhere near what I thought the band capable of.

  2. Do you have any possible explanation for why the name Marcus Luscombe sounds familiar, but his bands’ names don’t? (o_o)

  3. very curious to hear how this sounds

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