Jun 132013

Herein, a selection of four items I came across yesterday that I guarantee will appeal to you. Assuming that your tastes are identical to mine. Otherwise, no guarantees. But have no fear, the bands featured here are so diverse there’s bound to be something that will turn you on.


As we previously reported, this Swedish horde have a new album named The Wild Hunt coming on August 19 in Europe and August 20 in the US via Century Media Records. A two-track single (“All That May Bleed”) will be released on June 21.

Yesterday Watain unveiled the album cover, which you can see above. It’s a painting in oil and mixed materials by the phenomenal Zbigniew M. Bielak, who created (among other things) the artwork for Watain’s last album, Lawless Darkness, as well as the cover for the single.

More info, including the track list, can be found at Watain’s official site (here).



Selfmadegod Records plans to release this Polish goregrind band’s sixth album, Grindcoholism, on July 2. Yesterday I caught sight of the album cover, which is fuckin’ killer, and also heard the first song stream from the album — “The Second”. I tell you what, this song will run over you like a marauding tank at full throttle. It’s a titanic, down-tuned, palm-muted, skull-crushing brute of a thing, but I’ll tell you this, too: heads will bang.

Grindcoholism can be pre-ordered on CD here. There’s also a currently empty Bandcamp page (here), so I presume this will be available digitally, too. Listen to “the Second”:



Draugr are an Italian band from the Abruzzo region who have been around for a decade but were a new discovery for me yesterday. From what I’ve read since then, their music’s lyrical focus is on the armed resistance of Italian pagan cults to the encroachment of Christianity in the fourth century A.D. — a cause that was ultimately lost.

Draugr’s most recent album is 2011’s De Ferro Italico, and yesterday the band premiered a video for one of its songs, “Legio Linteata”. The video was filmed in the ruins of the ancient Italic town named Alba Fucens at the foot of Monte Velino in the Abruzzo region, and it will get your fists pumping. The melody and the galloping, heroic style of the music will appeal to fans of Scandinavian folk/pagan metal. It thunders and rips, but it has a sing-along infectiousness, and there are even some humppa rhythms in there, too. Very cool.




The last two songs were raucous and energetic, albeit in very different ways. But I found this next song just as magnetic despite the fact that it’s much more atmospheric and melancholy. Sadly for those who prefer their music in digital form, the song I heard is one of two tracks on what appears to be a vinyl-only single.

The band’s name is Saiva (I think they’re from Sweden, but I’m not positive) and their debut single’s name is Finnmarkens Folk. It was recently released by the Nordvis label on 7″ vinyl, and orders can be placed at this location. The single includes two songs, and the one that’s now streaming is “En Förliden Tid”. Below, I’m embedding the song on both YouTube and Soundcloud in case there are mobile listeners who can get one but not the other.

The song works its magic through the rise and fall of dramatic tremolo chords, striking drum-and-cymbal work, and a mix of anguished, abrasive vox and harmonized baritone cleans. I should also mention that the song shifts gears into a rocking and rolling gait while the lead guitar chimes like bells. Oh hell, the thrumming bass plays a key role, too. Really, every ingredient works with the others to make this a really excellent piece of music.




  1. Can’t wait for motherfucking watain new record! !!!

  2. I find it amusing that a band from Italy..whose focus is on Italian paganism…chose the name Draugr which is a distinctively Scandinavian word

    • From the Metal-Archives page on this band: “Draug means “wolf” in Sindarin (search Tolkien’s languages) but joining the wolf’s figure (an animal that is the symbol of Abruzzo as well as the symbol of Rome) to the Nordic word (as a tribute to the Scandinavian scene, that first inspired Draugr’s music) of a creature that turns back to life for vengeance/a bloody-minded spirit, we add the final letter “r”, also to give a cacophonous sound.

      The word “Draugr”, in spite of his meaning related to the Nordic mythology, is related to the wolf (also represented on the band’s logo)

      In the concept “De Ferro Italico” the word Draugr is used like an adjective for the main character of the concept story, that fighting in Ultima Thule during the Roman conquering campaign is considered by the inhabitants an immortal and untamed spirit, a Draugr, for his abilities to fight and kill, without being killed…”

      • Wow..with respect to the band, because this sounds like something I’ll probably like musically…that is some fancy footwork to justify the name.

  3. That Draugr track is so much fun!

  4. Squash Bowels sounds AWESOME 🙂

  5. Squash Bowels! I always think they’re called Squash balls. Because they’re so hardcore they squash your balls and the shit all over your chest while a gorilla ducks your skull.

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