Jun 132013

If bands and record labels needed any more reasons to set up shop on Bandcamp, they just got another one as of this morning. Bandcamp has just unveiled a group of new customizable music players that can be used to embed music across the web. Not only can bands and labels use the new players on their own web sites, but bloggers like me (and anyone else who creates pages on the web) can do it, too. And people who already have their music on Bandcamp don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this new functionality — it has automatically become available on all Bandcamp music pages.

I’m going to show you exactly what I’m talking about. And I’m picking the new EP by Sweden’s Vomitous (reviewed here) as a guinea pig, in part because it includes amazing album art by New Zealand’s Nick Keller. First, here’s a large player that doesn’t include a track list (I’ve customized the background and link colors, which you can also do with these new players):

Next, here’s the large player with a track list:


And now here’s a “minimal” version that only shows the cover art:


The large player also includes an option for including merch. And here’s a medium-sized player:


And an ultra-compact small one:


Pretty fuckin’ cool, ain’t it?

I should mention that the sizes of the players are also customizable, and to show you what I mean, check out what I did with one of the large players (and for more details about the launch of these new players go HERE):


  1. Better than getting fucked in the skull by a gorilla.

  2. Awesome! Bandcamp just keeps getting better and better. I love the accent they put on cover art, so I’ll probably be using the large player with the tracklist for all my blogging needs. Thanks for pointing this out. GO BANDCAMP!

  3. Now that is a great development. I’ve always felt the bandcamp player to be pretty plain and especially when you’d want to display the entire tracklist, the player looked pathetic. But this is way better and in fact seems cool enough much like a soundcloud player. Thanks for posting this O Lord Islander.

  4. I think my crush on bandcamp is starting to reach problematic levels… mmmm…. bandcamp….

  5. i absolutely love bandcamp, mostly for all the great bands i’ve been turned onto there, but also for posting my own stuff. it’s so easy to grab songs and EPs with a couple clicks, and just as easy to post my own material.

  6. I want to like Bandcamp, but having no volume control is incredibly fucking stupid. The only thing worse than that is that idiotic blurb on their website explaining why they shouldn’t have to put one in.

  7. Is this players for bandcamp or just for other sites.. ??

    • On every Bandcamp page where music is streaming, there’s a “Share/embed” link, and that provides the code that anyone can use to put the players on their blogs or web pages. Links to the Bandcamp page on things like Facebook will also install the new player.

  8. I’m having big issues with wordpress and these players, can anyone help? The player never makes the size I specify and never directs to a single track, always directs to the album no matter what I choose.

    • To embed a full-album stream: On the Bandcamp page for the album, click “Share/Embed” and then “Embed this album”. You should then see a “Select a layout” box with choices for Standard, Horizontal, and Small. Click Standard, and check the box that says “Show tracklist”. You can pick colors for the Theme and Links. When you’ve done that, click the embed code (using the html version) and copy it. Then go to your WordPress editor. Make sure you switch to HTML mode (not Visual mode) and paste the Bandcamp embed code into your WordPress post. You can switch back to Visual mode after you’ve done that. That should do it.

      I haven’t been using the WordPress shortcode that’s available on Bandcamp. The html embed code works fine, so if you’ve been using the WordPress shortcode, that may be the problem.

    • And if you want to use just a single track, select that track from the Bandcamp page for the album first (by clicking on the song title). That will take you to a new Bandcamp page which only has the track you selected. Then you follow the steps above, choosing whatever layout you want to use.

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