Jun 172013

I know a lot of NCS readers have got a taste for doom. I’ve developed quite a strong taste for it, too, and my mouth juices started filling up my gob when I saw this piece of news: Our blog brethren at CVLT Nation have compiled a free doom mixtape that’s loaded with killer bands who specialize in the slow and low.

There are 19 tracks on offer, including music by the likes of Dopethrone, Bongripper, Loss, Primitive Man, Graves At Sea, Batillus, Atriarch, and Seattle’s own Bell Witch. There’s a lot of strong, devastating music on this comp (2 1/2 hours of it to be precise), and it’s even sweeter because, as mentioned, it’s FREE!

Go HERE to download it, and if you’d first like to see the whole tracklist and listen to the tunage, move on past the jump.

DOOM NATION Vol. 1 Tracklisting

1. Dopethrone: Cult Leader

2. Oxtongue: Cessastion: The Shade Rapes Nativity

3. BONGRIPPER: Fisting

4. Loss: Silent And Completely Overcome

5. Alluring: Redolent Fire

6. Primitive Man: Antietam

7. Cough: Crippled Wizard

8. Graves At Sea: Pariah

9. Cult Of Occult: Opus Ad Odio

10. Dread

11. BATILLUS: Mirrors

12. St Barthelemy’s Temple: Beyond Thaumiel

13. Swamp Witch: Emeral Serpent

14. Atriarch: Altruist

15. Old Witch: GOD OV WOLVES

16. Usnea: Empirical Evidence of a Deranged God

17. Huata: 1. Lords Of The Flame

18. Bell Witch: Rows (of endless waves)

19. Rorcal: VILÁGVÉGE – DOOM

  2 Responses to “FREE SHIT: DOOM NATION”

  1. While I’m sure this is a great mix the fact that it is one track pisses me off. Not only does that mean that I can’t pick an individual track and listen to it (or move it around whatever) but it also means I have no way of knowing what song I’m listening to at any given time

    • I agree with you. I really don’t understand the logic, unless it’s to make it more like a digital version of a true “mixtape”. There are visible breaks in the Soundcloud player, and by following the tracklist you can figure out what’s what, but that won’t help much in playing the download on a device.

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