Jun 182013

Here is a trio of songs that I discovered yesterday that are worth hearing. The first two are brand new and come from well-known Swedish melodic death metal bands. The third is from a German band who are a pleasant new discovery for me, and maybe for you, too.


I suppose there are people out there who are on the fence about Amon Amarth, or conceivably haven’t yet made their acquaintance. But I suspect most people who are reading this are either already fans or wrote the band off already. This message is addressed to the fans and to those who might not yet have given the band their time: The song that premiered yesterday is awesome.

Its name is “Father of the Wolf”, and it rocks very damned hard. It’s packed with irresistible riffs and megawatts of energy, and the wah-wah solos bring a different kind of guitar sound that gives the song a refreshing spin. With any luck we’ll soon have a review of the entire new album — Deceiver of the Gods — but in a nutshell I think it’s a standout for a dependably solid band. Here’s the new song:




Darkane are another Swedish band with a new album on the way that we’re high on — The Sinister Supremacy. Not long ago we featured the premiere of its title, and yesterday the band delivered a second advance cut: “Mechanically Divine”. It’s a powerful, hard-punching number. The drumming is immediately striking (and man, it doesn’t let up), as are the huge, moaning riffs. Once the guitars and bass get ramped up, they deliver a percussive beating that’s a match for the drumming. Cap all that off with a memorable melody, and you’ve got a winner.

I do realize there are clean vocals mixed in with the nasty ones, but in Darkane’s case I’m okay with that. Check it out; the album will be upon us soon (and we’ll have one or two reviews of that one also):



Thränenkind (which I’ve also seen spelled Thraenenkind) are a German band who have recently been signed by Germany’s Lifeforce Records. Their debut album The Elk is now scheduled for release in August of this year. From what I’ve read, the album will include music that falls into the crust and hardcore genres as well as five completely instrumental songs that are characterized as post-rock.

Last fall, while hunting for a label, the band premiered the album’s first track, “Monument”, and that’s what I stumbled across yesterday. It definitely made a positive impression, and one I suspect will be lasting. Its beginning moments are dreamlike and beautiful, and though it gains gravity with weighted riffs and pounding drums, and a lacerating quality due to the scarred hardcore vocals, it remains a lush, atmospheric piece that lingers in the mind. Listen below.


  1. Interesting. Whats turned me on is that Thranenkind song. Lifeforce seems to be dabbling in every given genre. All good though. And Darkane, well they are what they are, hope they break back into the ‘Expanding Senses’ mold.

    • I had the same reaction when I heard the Thranenkind song — that Lifeforce is really spreading out among a big array of genre styles. Which is fine by me.

      • They sure are. But “Beyond” is by far their best release all year.sure as hell buying that. And damn the new Thranenkind just dropped. Got to check that out.

  2. new Amon Amarth = happy me all day 🙂

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