Jun 212013

Not much to say about this other than: go to Ultimate Guitar via this link if you want to hear all of Amon Amarth’s fine new album before its release date.

If your immediate question is, “Who are Amon Amarth?”, I’ll have to get back to you.


  1. freaking thing works on my ipad, with a shitty speaker, and not on my laptop. Whats up wit dat shitz?

  2. it’s excellent 🙂

  3. I haven’t really dug the last couple of disks from these lads in terms of music, but instead got myself off on Jens Bogren’s mix on the tunes (always so fukin clear!)… l think I am having the same experience with Sneap for this disk…. and am lovin’ it!! 🙂

    • Hel. massive track. massive duo.

      • That’s actually my least favorite track. I appreciate Amon Amarth’s effort to something else, but the singing just doesn’t really work for me.

        That being said, I’m gonna need to go shave in a few minutes when I finish the album, ’cause I just sprouted a beard to rival Johan Hegg’s as I listened to this. Not to mention the horn full of mead that appeared in my hand.

  4. Wow…this is a much stronger album than Surtur Rising. Very little filler, in fact the only song that didnt really grab me was Hel..just wasnt digging the way they layered Messiah Marcolin vocals over the top during the chorus

  5. I just got through listening to the album stream, and I found it quite enjoyable. A couple of nitpicks I have though:

    The clean singing on the song “Hel” bugged the crap outta me. I figured the band (and Andy Sneap) were going for atmosphere with that, but I guess it’ll grow on me with more listens. Also, I felt that “Under Siege” was out of place on the album.

    Overall, it’s a great CD and should be bought by anyone who likes Amon Amarth’s style of music.

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