Jun 242013

As we previously reported, the Swedish horde known as Watain have a new album named The Wild Hunt coming on August 19 in Europe and August 20 in the US via Century Media Records. A two-track single (All That May Bleed) was released last Friday (June 21). And this morning brought us the band’s official lyric video for the single’s title track.

As should be expected from Watain by now, the song is not standard black metal fare. It’s bombastic, thrashing, slightly industrial in its rhythms, and of course completely vehement and venomous. It also includes a memorable (and eerie) guitar solo, as well as a bass solo.

The new single can be downloaded at iTunes and it’s also being offered as a 7″ black or red vinyl, and on a 7″ picture disc. These can be acquired at http://www.wolfwear.net or from http://www.cmdistro.com. The lyric video is next. Let us know what you think.

(credit and thanks to Vonlughlio for the prompt tip about this video)


  1. “Rebel Extravaganza” anyone?

  2. dang, i missed it before it got yanked 🙁 how was it?

    • That’s weird. It was an official video that I originally embedded. Not sure why it was yanked, but it’s back up, and I’ve put the new embed code for it in the post, so you should be able to see it now.

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