Jun 302013

In terms of headline-making news in the global world of metal, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything with more ooomph than the news that the legendary CARCASS will be releasing a new album this year, their first in 17 years. The album, Surgical Steel, will be released by Nuclear Blast this fall.

Today, the first track from the album leaked. It surely won’t be up on YouTube for very long, so you might want to catch it ASAP. The name is “Captive Bolt Pistol”. I doubt I can completely separate my reaction from the fact that this is a new Carcass song, but it sounds sweet to me. It’s more on the Heartwork end of the band’s musical trajectory, which is to say melodic death metal, and that might disappoint some really old-school Carcass worshippers, but it’s still got a cutting edge and I do like that guitar solo.

Listen fast . . . after the jump.



  1. Thanks for the heads up – this kicks ass! I saw Carcass in London at Camden Underworld a couple of months ago, the band was absolutely on fire. So excited for this album, it’s going to be awesome.

  2. Yep, definitely sounds like Carcass. It’s fast, it’s heavy…..but I can’t really say it sounded like anything other than some unreleased b-side from eons back. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing? It just didn’t move me. I liked the solo though.

  3. Hmm, gonna go with “meh” after 1 listen

  4. I’m taking my haterade out of the glass and saying:

    This is fucking sick. LOVE. IT.

  5. I’m voting that this is good after 1 listen.

  6. People who like new jack Carcass also like new jack Metallcia and swear by “the black” album. LOL

  7. I get the sense that people who like or think HW is their best album are the ones who got into the band with that album. I frankly don’t see how you can hear SoS or Necro and then LOOOOOOOVE Heartwork. (I guess it’s possiblr, but too many people like HW, since it was the album where they “broke through”)

    It’s like any other band, people tend to enjoy the album that got them into a band, regardless of how how much better the back catalog is.

    • I don’t think it’s just a question of where you discovered this band. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they they changed and were pioneers in more than one genre of metal. I find it very difficult to compare Heartwork and either SoS or Necroticism (much less Reek of Putrefaction) because the styles are so different. I happen to like all of those albums (with a personal preference for the earlier ones), but I can easily see why some people would prefer Heartwork as a matter of personal taste, just as some people are going to prefer Dark Tranquillity to Napalm Death or Grave.

      And if you’re putting down Heartwork as a stand-alone work, then I’ll have to fight you. 🙂

      • I dunno, for some reason I just have a stick up my ass about them due to those last 2 albums and Jeff Walkers smug attitude during the reunion tour. It’s not like they were my favorite band or anything but it all rubs me the wrong way.

        And you should know I need to be rubbed the right way 🙂

        P.S. musical progression is fine, look at Immolation, sticking to their guns and still putting out incredible album after album (same can be said of Autopsy as well). I just need my metal to not be watered down & pussified.

  8. The only Carcass albums I own are Symphonies and Necrotisism… And this rocks. This is way better than most “melodic” death metal (most metal riffs are little melodies or harmonies, so I don’t really like that term)

  9. Yeah… it rules.

    Don’t listen to the idiots (read: typical rule-following, automaton metalheads) who cry about Carcass and their musical progression of the past. They HATE a band who progresses musically, and pretty much everything and everyone who doesn’t follow the “rules of metal” or dares not to wear the proscribed metal uniform.

    Idiots. All of them.

    • It’s all subjective, some people only hear the brutality and the gnarly vocals of the early albums while completely ignoring the complex guitar harmonies and grooves… Heart work sounds like a completely natural progression to these ears, methinks haters gonna hate because they changed the image/themes.
      That being said, your band name is your “brand” name and if people don’t get what they expect from the music, then they have every right to stop listening. I’m sure Carcass lost plenty of fans between each of their early albums, no matter how subtle the changes in style might appear to others.

      • I mean, they stopped using the tehcnical terminology, but from an ideological standpoint Heartwork is still VERY much in line with their back catalog. the whole point of carcass is that, you know… people are made of meat. Animals are made of meat. We are meat that eats meat, and then we rot, which is other meat eating us, and what does all of this say about, like, the nature of the soul. what ROOM is there for romance in that schema? Or kindness… at all?

        • Whoa… whoa… Carcass has a “point”???

          I kid, I kid.

          • @Ksmash – that’s where it’s at. I got into Carcass from Heartwork. Just the timing, my age etc. It took many years before I got around to the earlier stuff and what surprised me was not the technicality but the melodic musicality. I had been led to believe it was going to be a total blizzard of grind etc, but it was actually rather sweet.

            Strange way to describe Carcass but I do maintain.

  10. i’m a huge fan of the entire Carcass catalog, and i think it’s awesome!

  11. I think a lot of people talking about how great Heartwork is, may not realize just what a divisive album it was at the time.

    Yes, its a well regarded album now and rightfully considered a pioneering melodeath classic, but at the time this was considered almost as big a slap in the face as Metallica’s “Black” album.

    Hindsight is very much 20/20 on this album, and it really depends on what your preferences in metal are, as well as when you first discovered the band

    They also put on one of the best sets Ive seen at MDF this year

  12. In case anyone missed it, here’s another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txUqEMJAp8U

  13. Am I the only one that likes Swansong?

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