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Happy 5th of July to one and all!  Though often overshadowed by yesterday’s holiday, July 5 is the anniversary of the date in 1775 when the Continental Congress adopted the so-called Olive Branch Petition attempting to convince King George III of the colonies’ affection and loyalty (while appealing for relief from various grievances). King George, of course, rejected the petition and declared the colonies to be in a “state of open and avowed rebellion”. I bet he later wished for a do-over on that decision.

Anyway, while indulging in solemn remembrance of the Olive Branch Petition this morning, as well as the 76th anniversary of the introduction of Spam to the market by Hormel Foods Corporation and the 67th anniversary of the first public sale of the bikini, I found time to observe a few items of metal interest, which are collected below.


Little more than two weeks ago, we finally learned the album title (Colored Sands), track list, and release dates for the first studio album by Gorguts in 12 years — as well as hearing the album’s first single, “Forgotten Arrows”. I think it’s fair to say that the song was greeted by a boisterously enthusiastic reception. Gorguts’ Luc Lemay took notice, and yesterday he recorded a video thank-you to the band’s fans.

There’s some music in here, plus hints of yet another single or video on the way, but mainly I just think it’s cool that he did this.



We’ve been steadfast supporters of Russia’s Kartikeya for a long time, and have been eagerly awaiting the band’s next album, Samudra. We got to premiere one song from the album (“The Horrors of Home”) about a year ago, and now the band have released a video that includes a play-through guitar medley of excerpts from the album performed by Kartikeya’s Arsafes.

Man, I’m way past ready for this. It sounds so good . . .



One of my most-anticipated albums for 2013 is the next one from Cobalt, which is apparently going to be recorded this summer. It’s been more than four years since their last album, Gin, and I think that’s long enough.  Cobalt, however, isn’t the only musical endeavor of Erik Wunder and Phil McSorley. Among other things, Erik Wunder is the driving force in Man’s Gin, who have given us an excellent new album this year (Rebellion Hymns) and today I learned about one of Phil McSorley’s non-Cobalt projects. It goes by the name of Recluse.

In Recluse, it appears that McSorley handles vocals, guitar, and drums, while Mike Meacham (from Tennessee’s excellent Loss) is on bass. They’ve recorded a demo that’s going to be released on cassette by Graceless Recordings. One of the songs surfaced briefly on the web a while back, but now it’s up on YouTube in its final state, which presumably means the demo will be upon us soon.

“No Way Out” has a lo-fi, blown-transformer buzz, vicious vocals, and nary a blast-beat in sight, and the rippling tremolo melody is a memorable one. I’m digging this.





  1. Classy move. I’m so excited that this is finally a reality. Being Canadian myself, I’m a little confused as to why coloured is spelled without an “u”. Damn auto-correct!

  2. LOL,I never heard Luc “talk” before. He sounds so overly stereotypical Canadian, love it 🙂

    Remind me of a few of my Canuck friends with heavy accents (this coming from a prototypical NY sounding person)

  3. super excited for the new Gorguts and Kartikeya, the previews are sounding absolutely killer

  4. I’m Canadian and the ONLY thing I care about is RECLUSE……………….bring forth the misery !!!

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