Jul 112013

I’m happy as hell to help spread the word about a project I’ve been keeping quiet about since early last fall, the details of which have now finally become public. Its name is Elemental Nightmares and it’s bringing to discriminating metal fans a series of 13 splits on 7″ vinyl (with accompanying digital downloads and with an option to buy only a digital download) featuring 26 up-and-coming bands from around the world — one of whom has yet to be selected.

Each band has contributed an exclusive track, with each split including a pair of them. Each month, subscribers to the series will receive two of the vinyl splits, with three of them shipping in the final month. The artwork for the splits will be parts of a single massive piece of art.

In past posts, we’ve praised many of the 25 bands who have contributed new songs exclusive to this series: Ashencult, Canopy, Dead River Runs Dry, Eternal Helcaraxe, Feared, Hyperial, Kall, Liber Necris, Mondvolland, Oak Pantheon, Obitus, Porta Nigra, Satyros, Septekh, and Wildernessking. The chance to hear new music by bands of this caliber is exciting, and given how good they are, I’m eager to discover music by the bands in the series whose music I don’t yet know. A complete list of the participants in the series appears later in this post.

Three other aspects of this project are important. First, this is an underground endeavor (organized by Dissension Records), which means that the money necessary to finance the project must come from pre-orders.  If the targeted amount is raised through the pre-orders, then the series should begin shipping in late 2013 or early 2014. The Elemental Nightmares web site provides a tracking bar that will let you see the progress of fundraising at any point in time (this project just went “live” yesterday, and as of this writing it’s already reached 13% of the target amount through word of mouth). If the target isn’t reached, then all money will be refunded.

Second, during the pre-order period, it will be possible to purchase additional exclusive items, including a specially designed t-shirt and/or poster, as well as exclusive pieces of the artwork and test prints of the vinyl splits.

And third, the 26th band in the series will be chosen from among bands who choose to submit their music for consideration. Interested bands should e-mail a short biography, a band photo, and a link to their music. More details about that opportunity can be found here. For more info about Elemental Nightmares and to place pre-orders, visit this location:


Here is the complete list of bands who have contributed songs to the Elemental Nightmares series. The web site includes information about each of them as well as links to their social media pages.

Ashencult (US)
Canopy (Sweden)
Dead River Runs Dry (Australia)
Eternal Helcaraxe (Ireland)
Eventide (Sweden)
Feared (Sweden)
Harasai (Germany)
Hyperial (Poland)
Kall (Sweden)
Kess’khtak (Switzerland)
Liber Necris (UK)
Membaris (Germany)
Mondvolland (The Netherlands)
Montecharge (Switzerland)
Oak Pantheon (US)
Obitus (Sweden)
Parasitized (UK)
Porta Nigra (Germany)
Satyros (Germany)
Septekh (Sweden)
Terzij De Horde (The Netherlands)
Vuyvr (Switzerland)
Waning (Sweden)
Wildernessking (South Africa)
Will of the Ancients (Canada)



  1. This looks amazing! Really wish I had the $130 to spend on the vinyl releases… Curious to see what the final combination of artwork looks like.

  2. the digital/tshirt package is looking pretty sweet

  3. Canopy and Will of the Ancients? Sounds awesome.

  4. regardless of my self interest here (as Obitus is one of the participants) it’s hard not to be rather stoked about this, new exclusive material from some amazing bands, and on vinyl … this will be epic.

  5. I am wet with anticipation at the thought of that Oak Pantheon/Wildernessking split.

  6. Hell, this is awesome. Next paycheck, I may be able to get in on this, hopefully even get a test print out of the deal too.

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