Jul 172013

Swedish black-metal horde Watain have a new album named The Wild Hunt coming on August 19 in Europe and August 20 in the US via Century Media Records. A two-track single (All That May Bleed) was released on June 21, and that was followed by the band’s official lyric video for the single’s title track (featured at NCS here). And now we’ve got another new song from the album, “The Child Must Die”.

The vocals are still soul-scraping, but much of the song may have more kinship to melodic death metal than the kind of scathing black metal you might be expecting. Yet although the song might be considered more “accessible” than Watain’s more typical output, it’s also multi-faceted, which should come as no surprise to fans of this band. It’s juiced with electricity and moments of thundering power, and it features a thrilling guitar solo. I’m quite liking it, though I’ll be curious to see what kind of reactions we’ll get in the comments.

Listen to the song next. You’ll find the lyrics below the video.





Though merely a child
Tall has grown thy shadow
For every sun must set
And every child of fire
Must die to be free

Far beyond the grace of god
The tiny tomb’s prepared
The silent stone declares

Pluck now the rose, the child must die
Pluck now the rose and leave it on my grave to dry
In sackcloth and ash, so let us mourn
In sackcloth and ash, sleeps the newborn
The fear of change is the fear of Death
That fear is the pain and the pain is the wreath
of thorns now placed upon thy brow
A twisted cross ‘neath which burden we all must bow

For you my child, comes the cursed
phantom carriage, alas, the hearse
Follow I must not, this ride is only meant for you
Ever dark lay the lands you’re going to

In the belly of Moloch, the child must burn
Into the fires, it must return
Mind not the tears, the child must die
Release the self, Strangle the I
Pluck now the rose, the child must die
Never to know, the reason why
Mad burn the fires, so dies the child
Bittersweet, the fumes shall rise

  11 Responses to “WATAIN: “THE CHILD MUST DIE””

  1. I dig it but its very different. Still some people are not going to like it

  2. I like this quite a bit better than “all that may bleed” Always been a fan of scraping raspy growls over “softer” metal/rock

  3. Yep. That works for me.

  4. It´s ok, but my first thought was “Dark Tranquillity have been there years ago”.

  5. First of all, thank you for the post. This track reminds me a bit the old “Malfeitor” in the melodies, but this is a song that mostly affects for its classic metal gait and for the cutting in the old school riffs. Even for the drums the concept remains and it’s like a marriage with the most airy and traditionalist “Dissection” with a wise dosage of melodic Death Metal. “The Child Must Die” is a very flawless song!

  6. i’m digging it!

  7. There was plenty of melody on “Lawless Darkness.” This song seems like a natural progression from that album. I’m even more interested to see what the rest of “Wild Hunt” sounds like now.

  8. my initial impression is “meh”, perhaps it’ll grow on me but it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the album develops.

  9. Never was into Watain, but this particular song is bloody awesome. Will give the album a go when it appears.

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