Jul 182013

Earlier this week we posted about the arrest of Burzum’s Varg Vikernes in France on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. Based on reports at that time, the evidence justifying the arrest seemed thin. To close the loop on this story, French authorities have now released Varg after two days in custody.

According to news reports, the police failed to uncover evidence of any terrorist plot. However, it appears Varg will be charged with violating French law relating to incitement of racial hatred. If Varg’s writings violate French law, something about which I know nothing, it seems that such charges could have been brought long ago. This has the appearance of a face-saving maneuver, and though defending himself will no doubt be expensive, my guess is that Varg will relish the publicity, as well as the opportunity to write about his false arrest.

Here are excerpts of a July 18, BBC News report about Varg’s release:

“A Norwegian neo-Nazi musician has been released two days after he was arrested in central France on suspicion of “preparing a major terrorist act”.

Kristian Vikernes was arrested after his wife bought four rifles.

Officials say questioning of the suspect did not bring to light any evidence of a terrorist plot.

Vikernes had in the past received a copy of a manifesto from right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

Officials say Vikernes will have to answer charges of incitement to racial hatred over the content of some of his writings on the internet, but no charges relating to terrorism have been filed.

Kristian “Varg” Vikernes was arrested along with his French wife on Tuesday in Correze, a region in central France.

She was released from custody on Wednesday evening.

Officials say she had a legal firearms permit when she bought the four rifles.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls had said that even though Vikernes was not thought to have a specific target in mind, the arrest was justified by the need to “act before and not after” with regard to terrorism.”

Ironically, one of Varg’s last posts on his blog before the arrest was on the subject of activities branded as hate crimes in France, and it ended in this way:

“Dear readers. When you read or hear about «nationalist extremists» or «Nazis» attacking others, when you hear about «hate crime», when you hear about the terror and hatred of the «right-wing extremists»,this is what you actually see; lieslies and more lies.

They are the extremists, they are the ones attacking usthey are the ones hating (and they hate Europe), they are the ones we should all fear! They are the ones using terror and lies to achieve their goals!

The left wing extremists make up a small part of our peoples, and they rule via harassment, terror, lies and threats, and the peoples of Europe will at some point revolt against their reign, but until then make sure you don’t break any laws or do other things that can be used against us. The peoples of Europe are waking up to reality, and our mission is to do our best to help them wake up. HailaR WôðanaR!


  1. regardless of one’s opinion of Varg, the Interior Ministers justification seems to turn “innocent until proven guilty” which of course plays right into Varg’s hands being able to claim he and his ideological brethren are being unfairly targeted.

    thought crime, pre-crime, sounds like we’re getting the best of all dystopias …

  2. HA! pt 2.

    what a weird set of events.

  3. If the only thing wrong, or potentially wrong, that he or his wife had done was buying 4 rifles, then the French police, was truly

    *puts sunglasses on*

    Jumping the gun


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