Jul 272013

Yep, just a bit earlier today the organizers of Maryland Deathfest announced the initial list of bands confirmed to play at MDF XII, which will be held May 22-25, 2014. Here you go:

GORGUTS (Canada)
TAAKE (Norway)
MGŁA (Poland)
DIOCLETIAN (New Zealand)

This may be too much information, but I thought I’d mention that I wet myself when I saw this list. And of course more names will be coming. MDF also announced that At the Gates, Taake, Solstafir, and MGLA will be making exclusive US appearances at MDF.

This note also appeared on the MDF Facebook page:

We have a feeling many of you will ask what’s going on with Carpathian Forest, so here’s what’s going on. We had preliminary discussion with them right after MDF XI and all parties understand what needs to be done for them to come to the US next year, but since our contact person for the band has been on vacation with no access to e-mail, we have to wait until he’s back before confirming that officially. So, as of now, they are NOT confirmed, but chances are likely that they will confirm sometime soon.

And finally, early-bird tickets are going on sale tonight.  For more info, visit the new MDF web site:


UPDATE:  From the MDF FB page the evening after I posted this:

“Early-bird ticket postponement:

If you’ve been trying to order an early-bird pass within the last hour, accept our apologies, as this host is not handling the traffic the way we expected it to. You can stop compulsively trying to order a ticket, and if you had alcoholic beverages calling your name, go ahead and enjoy them now.

We’ll post a new date/time for the early-bird sale either later tonight or tomorrow.”


  1. Wow. I may have to seriously plan for this.

  2. I’ve wanted to go to MDF for a while now, but with this bill the desire has reached the level of I must go! I’d be happy just seeing Gorguts and At the Gates, and then calling it a day.

  3. Interesting to see Solstafir booked. I know they have been expanding the types of band they book as the size of the festival has grown, but wonder how they will “go over” with people.

    I thoroughly enjoyed them on Barge to Hell (at the absurd hour of like 10 or 11am)

    • I’m thrilled to see them on this list. I don’t think they’ve been to the US before. And if Taake have been to the States before, it must have been a long time ago, plus I bet it’s the first US appearance for Diocletian and Mgla, too. And I didn’t know Excruciating Terror still existed. Combine all those rarities with the chance to see At the Gates again, and Gorguts, and this is really fuckin exciting for me.

      • Taake will be badass.

      • Solstafir have played the US before (they sold out a venue in Minnesota), and Diocletion played west coast shows last year (or might have been 2011 as I saw some live videos). The fact that they didn’t mention them as US Exclusive, indicates they might be doing other shows as well.

        • Well, I didn’t see those shows, so they didn’t happen.

        • Most likely the bands that arent MDF exclusive will get picked up by Chaos in Tejas as well (with some tour dates in between). That fest has been grabbing MDF leftovers for the last few years..but its starting to turn into a solid little fest of its own, though its still a bit too punk heavy for my tastes at this point

          • I want an excuse to visit Austin, but like you said, waaaaay too many punk bands for my taste.

            • Id give it a few more years to balance out..MDF started with primarily grind and brutal death bands, and didnt really start to expand until about 2009.

              If Chaos can last that long I think it will start to add more and more metal acts to the lineup

    • Dude..they had fucking Pelican close out the “indoor” stage this year…Solstafir isnt the most out of place band to play this fest…at least Solstafir has a lead singer

  4. MDF is off to a good start….been hoping to catch Diocletian forever…and Taake and Mgla are top notch

    …figured theyd get At the Gates eventually..after Demigod two years ago, and Convulse last year, made sense that theyd get another reunited band (Im still holding out for Purtenance though)

    The rest dont really interest me, though a couple of my buddies are psyched as hell for Gorguts

  5. damn, At The Gates and Gorguts would have me there in a heartbeat if i lived anywhere near Maryland

  6. nice, my dear metl bunnyz, but the correct spelling of the Polish band is Mgła, not Mgla (the third letter is an “l” – L in caps for more clarity – with a stroke, not just a plain l), the letter (and its unicode value) is available in the Latin Exended-A character set, if you can pull off umlauts and Scandinavian ø’s and other similar stuff, why is the “l with a stroke” (as in Mgła) a problem.

  7. Hemdale is fuckn sick! “Rad Jackson”

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