Aug 142013

I’m still catching up on what has happened in the world of metal since yesterday. Here are a few more items worth talking about.


A bit earlier today I wrote about the latest artwork, news, and music concerning the new Skeletonwitch album. If I’d just waited an hour, I could have included the fact that Skeletonwitch are embarking on a North American tour this fall with The Black Dahlia Murder (as the headliner) and Fallujah. And on selected dates, that group of miscreants will be joined by Wolvhammer (who are vicious killers in their own right) or Noisem (also murderous).

This is going to be one very fine evening in the pit of musical hell. Unfortunately, it appears I will have to get in the car to visit hell, because the tour isn’t going to hit Seattle. To see if it will threaten your town, check the schedule after the jump.

w/ Noisem:
10/24/2013 Peabody’s Concert Club – Cleveland, OH
10/25/2013 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
10/26/2013 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
10/27/2013 The Met – Providence, RI
10/28/2013 Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
10/29/2013 Le Cercle – Quebec City. QC
10/30/2013 La Tulipe – Montreal, QC
10/31/2013 Ritual – Ottawa, ON
11/01/2013 Rum Runners – London, ON
11/02/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
11/04/2013 Crocks – Thunder Bay, ON
11/06/2013 West End Cultural Centre – Winnipeg, MB
11/07/2013 Louis’ Pub – Saskatoon, SK
11/08/2013 Avenue Theatre – Edmonton, AB
11/09/2013 The Den – Calgary, AB
11/11/2013 The Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
11/12/2013 The Center – Spokane, WA
11/13/2013 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR
11/15/2013 Strummer’s – Fresno, CA
11/16/2013 Glasshouse – Pomona, CA
11/17/2013 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
11/19/2013 Club Patron – Odessa, TX

w/ Wolvhammer
11/20/2013 Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
11/21/2013 Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
11/22/2013 Firebird – St. Louis, MO
11/23/2013 Blue Moose – Iowa City, IA
11/24/2013 The Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL
11/25/2013 Mojoes of Joliet – Joliet, IL
11/26/2013 The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
11/27/2013 The Machine Shop – Flint, MI



On September 9, Chaos Records plans to release the second album (entitled Area 666) by the Swedish heathens in Turbocharged. I was a big fan of their 2012 EP Christ Zero, and have been eager to get my claws on this new album.

Today I caught sight of the album cover, and Chaos Records also started streaming one of the new tracks, “Christcrawler”. It’s a grinding, chugging, writhing, ripping mass of crusty death/punk nastiness. Vicious vocals, awesome guitar tone, catchy as fuck, mean as shit. I’m loving it.

Area 666 is now available for pre-order here.



I also discovered this afternoon that Denver’s Moth have premiered a new official video for the song “Dissolved” from their 2013 debut album Endlessly In Motion. I think this may be my favorite song on a very strong album. It’s utterly ferocious, coursing with galvanizing energy, with vocals that dial the intensity level into the red zone, needle-sharp riffs, and a contrasting keyboard layer that gives the song added depth. Powerful stuff (and it reminds me a bit of Gojira, which is high praise in my book).

The video was directed and filmed by Ryan Glisan (who also happens to be a founder and guitarist of Allegaeon), and it’s really well-done. Among other things, it vividly captures the searing intensity of vocalist Benton McKibben’s performance on this song.

If you haven’t discovered the varied music on the album yet, I highly recommend you give it a spin on Moth’s Bandcamp page (the link is below), where it can also be purchased as a download or on CD.


  1. Holy shitballs, the Into the Everblack tour is coming to Lancaster, Pa!? I will definetly be attending that show!! \m/

  2. dammit i knew i should’ve bit the bullet and gone to see TBDM on Warped Tour, because it looks like they won’t be back this way the rest of the year. shit.
    Turbocharged and Moth both sound pretty cool

  3. Flint, Michigan!!! 🙂

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