Sep 042013

The Horror Division of NCS hereby delivers unto you three new videos. We like them. We would like them better if the first band were named Avulsed Avulsed, because that would provide a second thing in common that all three videos share. As it is, they only share one thing (apart from the fact that they’re all fun to watch and hear): horror thematics.


When my NCS comrades and I were gathered together in Seattle last week we spoke of many important things, including which metal songs included the best opening grunts and growls. No one mentioned “Dead Flesh Awakened” by Avulsed, but then again none of us had heard it last week. It appears on this long-running Spanish band’s brand new album, Ritual Zombi, which just came out (and is available for purchase or download on Bandcamp).

As of today, however, “Dead Flesh Awakened” has become the subject of a brand new video that premiered at DECIBEL. The song starts with Dave Rotten giving voice to what sounds like a lion’s growl. More lionine growling comes later. Along with a lot of skull-cleaving grooves and grisly melody and filthy death metal goodness. Plus zombies. Don’t forget the zombies.

I really admire the fortitude of this band playing through a zombie assault, though as you’ll see, they were just biding their time before dinner was served. I still wish they had changed their name, just for today, to Avulsed Avulsed, but that’s a minor quibble.




Bison, Bison are from Portland, Oregon, and their debut album is also on Bandcamp. It’s entitled, uh, Bison, Bison. Today they unveiled their first official music video, directed by James Winters. It’s a tribute to John Carpenter’s 1988 movie They Live, and it’s really nicely done.

The song — “Waiting For Saturn” — is really nicely done, too. In yet another instance of false advertising by our site, the singing is clean (and nicely done, too), but the song is a heavy motherfucker. Very infectious, too. WIth groaning riffs, earth-cracking drum hits, wah-wah guitar leads, rippling bass notes, and interludes brewed with lysergic acid diethylamide, it’s a sweet slab of stoner metal.



I’ve enjoyed every video I’ve seen from these ill-kempt Australians, and I think I’ve featured all of them so far. It goes without saying that I dig the music, too — and yes, it’s another Exception to the Rule around here.

The latest piece of film, which premiered today, is for “Sittin’ Pretty”, which is yet another cool song from their last album Hell’s Likely. You may ask, what is it about this video that invokes a horror theme? And I’ll tell you: it’s horrible, simply horrible, how this band and their video director have objectified a sweet young goat.

Mammoth Mammoth – Sittin’ Pretty on MUZU.TV.


  1. Avulsed is cool. The new album is solid as ever and most of their albums can be had digitally from their bandcamp for the super cheap price of 1 euro.

  2. Avulsed sounds badass, and i love the album artwork!

  3. Bison, Bison and Mammoth Mammoth should tour together. They could call it the 2013 Redundancy Tour 2013.

  4. Love the They Live tribute. It’s perhaps the most underappreciate Sci-Fi movie of all time and a personal favorite of mine.

  5. We reviewed Avulsed’s new album (linked below) and were pleasantly surprised by the diversity employed. However, the production was a bit off the mark in our opinion. Anywho, link below for those interested!

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