Sep 052013

Century Media released Vattnet Viskar’s debut album Sky Swallower on September 3 in North America and it will be out on September 9 in Europe). Previously we featured the first advance track from the album, “Apex”. Not long ago a second song from the album debuted via a music video — “Breath of the Almighty”.

I can’t watch it or listen to it at my current location. I can merely embed it and then come back here when I get a better internet connection and say something. But of course by then you will have seen it, if you know what’s good for you. Here it is:


  1. After how fucking crushing their EP last year was I was beyond excited for this album. But it’s super disappointing.

    It’s only 10 minutes longer than the EP and 3/8 tracks are instrumental interludes. And even the longer tracks themselves are mostly instrumental post-rock pieces that don’t really go anywhere. Take the above song: Instrumental build-up for 2 minutes, blackened blasting for 90 seconds, 3 minutes of random instrumental noodling, then 40 seconds of more blasting. I fucking love the fast black metal parts but it’s clear they’re just an afterthought for the band.

    • Unfortunately, I have to agree. I liked the preview track, and I was super-psyched when I got my pre-order at the end of last week, but my first two listens left me underwhelmed. The ratio of fluff to actual music is too high.

      • Wow, I find the album fascinating, transportive and nuanced. It’s really impressively put together and, for my tastes, refreshingly focused and succinct. The pacing is sublime.

        But it’s definitely the kind of music that works best when you surrender yourself to it. The more you can shut off your brain and just be carried along by it, the more enjoyable it is.

        • Yeah, I’m generally not a fan of anything that requires “shutting off my brain”

          • Hm, maybe I should have put it differently.

            I think the best way to listen to music is with your full attention and an open mind. I think if you can do that with Sky Swallower, you might enjoy it more. Personally, I think there’s more self-indulgent fluff and filler on the average Drudkh or Winterfylleth song than on this whole album, and I like both those bands.

  2. This track and the others I’ve heard so far are definitely relevant to my musical interests (“fluff” and “post-rock” all). I was supposed to see them and Black Table when they toured together, but ended up getting the flu. This bums me out even more that I missed that show and really puts the F U in flu.

  3. great song and a gorgeous video, i’ll have to check out the rest of the album

  4. Though each singular section of this song is well done – though the black metal blasting part isn’t very suitable to the production quality of the song – Most of this song just feels disjointed. I feel like they were trying to fit too much into this one song, and it suffers as a result.

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