Sep 162013

I wet myself a little bit when I was informed of this tour, announced not long ago. Okay, to be honest, my bladder completely loosened and I’m now swimming in the processed fluids of last night’s beer. It’s such a good feeling, because seriously, look at that line-up.

Amon Amarth, Enslaved, and Skeletonwitch will be touring fortunate parts of the U.S. during January and February of 2014. Tickets are on sale now at this location.

My bladder-loosening enthusiasm is tempered only by the fact that neither Seattle nor any other city in the Pacific Northwest are on the schedule. Looks like San Francisco is as close as this bladder-loosening extravaganza will come. Fuck, there may be an SEA-SFO plane ticket in my future, though the airline would have to upholster my seat in plastic, or maybe I’ll finally have to splurge on some personal care products.

In case you have trouble seeing the dates in the tour flyer, you can find them listed after the jump.

01/17 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ House Of Blues
01/18 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ Club Red
01/20 – San Antonio, Texas @ Backstage Live
01/21 – Dallas, Texas @ House Of Blues
01/22 – Houston, Texas @ House Of Blues
01/24 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Center Stage
01/25 – Tampa, Fla. @ The Ritz
01/26 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. @ Revolution
01/27 – Orlando, Fla. @ House Of Blues (*no Skeletonwitch)
01/29 – Charlotte, N.C. @ The Fillmore
01/30 – Norfolk, Va. @ The NorVA
01/31 – Silver Springs, Md. @ The Fillmore
02/01 – Boston, Mass. @ House Of Blues
02/03 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ TLA
02/04 – New York, N.Y. @ Irving Plaza
02/07 – Chicago, Ill. @ House Of Blues
02/08 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ Mill City Nights
02/09 – Lawrence, Kansas @ Granada Theatre
02/11 – Denver, Colo. @ Summit Theatre
02/12 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Murray Theater
02/14 – San Francisco, Calif. @ The Regency
02/15 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Wiltern
02/16 – San Diego, Calif. @ House Of Blues (* No Enslaved)


  1. Awesome news…I knew there was no reason to go to that shitty Mayhem fest. There was no way Amon Amarth wasnt going to be doing a headlining tour for their new album

    • Looks like it was a good thing I went to that shitty Mayhem fest, since they won’t be hitting Seattle on this tour.

      • Yeah..paying 100 bucks to see them play for a half-hour seems totally reasonable.

        • Don’t forget the $12 beers! But it was closer to $80… and I’d never seen Amon Amarth before (or Machine Head for that matter, so that was another incentive). And they were fucking awesome!

          • Theres tons of bands Ive never seen, but the idea of paying $80.00 to sit through one of Mayhem fests awful lineups just to see a band I do like play for half-a-set makes no sense. Particularly when its Amon Amarth…a band that isnt exactly hard to catch in North America

            • All good points… and my friend and I debated going quite a bit. But in the end, we said, “fuck it,” and went, and we had a great time. Yeah, we spent way too much, but it was fun… so no regrets (except maybe that shot at the end of the night).

  2. I might have to come out of concert retirement for this myself. AA puts on a great show and I always seem to miss the ‘witch. Enslaved on top of this? Very nice. Come on down Islander, the Regency is a good venue if a bit hot and stuffy:)

    • Never been there — in fact haven’t been to any SF venues. Coincidentally, the closest I’ve come was a Skeletonwitch show at Slim’s. I was in Oakland for my job and finished what I was doing to late to catch a flight back to Seattle, so I grabbed a co-worker and we took the BART to SF. We got to the venue, waited in a long line at the ticket window — and they fucking sold out just as we got up to the window!!!

  3. San Diego got some love! sucks that Enslaved won’t be there though.

  4. Feb 9th, whoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. This is a pretty amazing lineup. Almost worth planning a trip around, since they won’t be making it to Seattle. Which is severely disappointing.

  6. Am I dreaming? These are seriously three of my top five bands. Add Witch Mountain as an opener, and I will die of happiness. I plan to book a flight to Chicago for this.

  7. No Canadian dates at all. Fuck our government for those new fees…

  8. Sucks Skeletonwitch won’t be at the Orlando date, but I’ve seen them multiple times. Never AA or Enslaved, so I’m definitely going.

  9. As many have said, much better than going to Mayhem fest. I was really hoping to see them in Orlando (shows at the HoB there are awesome), but I really want to see Skeletonwitch so it’s lookin’ like the Ritz in Tampa for me.

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