Sep 192013

This is turning into a very nice week for fans of technically exuberant, blast-strength death metal. Yesterday we had the pleasure of premiering a new song by Rivers of Nihil and today we discovered that London-based Karybdis have also debuted a new single. The new track is named “Constellations”, and man, does it fly. It jabs and jumps and spins like a whirlwind, too.

The music is in constant motion, switching tempos and switching moods at will. It delivers a flurry of prize-fighter punches as well as a dreamy instrumental interlude . . . and there’s what sounds like a string quartet letting you down easy in the outro. And did I mention the bass drops? I did mention the technical exuberance, and there’s plenty of that in “Constellations” as well.

The drums, strings, and vocals were produced and recorded by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and John Walker at Moles Studio, and the guitars and bass were produced and recorded by Karybdis. The whole thing sounds might nice. But wait! There’s more!

Karybdis are also running a mix competition for this song. They’ve provided a download of all the raw mix files for the song, for use by competitors, and there are a bunch of prizes for the winners. You can find the details here:

Now, listen to “Constellations”:


  1. I picked up their current album from Amazon. It said media is CDR, and is made from uncompressed audio master. So I hope it’s good quality because this will be my first experience with this kind of thing. After hearing Constellations I had to have more off this band. Great stuff.

    • I got the From The Depths cd today. I was not expecting what I got as it said CDR media. It was like a fully coated CD just like from a store. Perhaps the coating was thicker looking. I ripped with Apple Lossless. I don’t know how the MP3 download or Apple iTunes download would’ve sounded, but it’s pretty clean. The cymbals sound kind of weird and maybe a little distant. That’s usually what I like to listen to to feel out the compression.
      I like the sound stage.
      This CD goes hard. I love it.

  2. This sounded better than everything on their last CD.

  3. yet another awesome death metal band i hadn’t heard of, off to Amazon i go

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