Sep 242013

I’ll make this short: Wolfheart — the new solo project of Tuomas Saukkonen (ex-Before the Dawn, ex-Black Sun Aeon) — has just released a new official video for “Routa Pt. 2”, a song that will appear on Wolfheart’s debut album Winterborn.

The video, which was beautifully filmed and produced by OneManArmy, is full of fire and ice, just like the song. The video also includes an excerpt of a certain review of Winterborn that I’m quite fond of. In case you want to read all of it, I’ll refer you here. In a nutshell, it says that Winterborn is one of the year’s standout albums.

The album and related Wolfheart merch can now be pre-ordered at the following location, and pre-orders will get two bonus tracks — “Frey” and “4:19 A.M.”; eventually, we understand that the album will also become available digitally, but the details on that haven’t yet been announced.

Now, watch and listen to the video for “Routa Pt. 2”:



  1. The song is memorable as the video with his deep melody. I think this record gonna be another good job for Tuomas Saukkonen!

  2. if that video doesn’t make you want the album i don’t know what will

  3. Great song, and video. I wonder who the female multi-instrumentalist is. I have to admit I never heard any of his previous bands, but it sounds like this will make a great introduction. I might wait for it to drop though, rather than face the 10 euro shipping fee on the pre-order.

    • Her name is Essi Markkula, though she was not involved in the recording of the music in the song. In tracking down her name I also discovered the place where the winter scenes were filmed. It’s a hill near the village of Iitti named Hiidenvuori, the site of a former castle and obviously a very scenic location.

      • Nice detective work, I’ll add this to my list of metal cultural tourism sites. One day, I’m going on the most metal of holidays….I’m not sure when, and I’m not sure I’ll live through it… but dammit it’s as good a theme for a holiday as there could be 😉

  4. I read the AMG review today with the 3/5. It might mean I don’t play it as much, but NCS saying best of 2013. I was debating about the preorder because it’s international and if it does go digital I could save money. But, I figured WTF and ordered from Mad Supply. I want to add this disc to my collection.

    • I read that review too, and in many ways we’re hearing the same thing but reacting to it differently. As I said in my review, Tuomas hasn’t broken the mold. Instead he has combined elements from both of his two most popular previous bands. If you’re a fan of Before the Dawn or Black Sun Aeon, then I think you will be very happy with this album, as I was Steel Druhm was apparently looking for something more substantially different and therefore was a bit disappointed, I guess one other difference is that Steel Druhm found a couple of the songs uninspiring, where I thought every song on the album was very strong.

  5. The song sounds radical. And I’m a huge fanboy of Tuomas and his work, so I’m gonna order this album anyway.

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