Sep 252013

Within the last day or two, a number of new albums became available for streaming in full. Here are four that I think are worth checking out. In some cases I’ve been able to embed the streams here. In other cases, I’ll have to give you a link to hear it elsewhere. The bands are listed in alphabetical order; as you’ll discover, this selection includes a lot of Exceptions to the Rule around here (you know, the one about singing).


Doomriders, the Boston outfit fronted by Converge bassist Nate Newton, are releasing Grand Blood on October 15 via Deathwish Inc. It’s the follow-up to Darkness Comes Alive. Stream it at Pitchfork Advance here.



Finland’s MyGrain have a new album on the way named Planetary Breathing. It will become available in the US via iTunes and Amazon on September 30. You can stream it now at the Finnish Inferno web site here. (Thank you fireangel for the tip.)



This “super-group”, which includes Alan Averill, Nick Barker, Rune Eriksen, Patrik Lindgren, and Frode Glesnes, will have their debut album Fire On the Mountain released by Season of Mist on October 1 in North America and on September 27 in the rest of the world. A full-album stream premiered today at Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, but the stream is embeddable, so here you go:




I’ve been spamming the hell out of The Tower, the new album by Norway’s Vulture Industries, which is slated for release on September 30 in North America and September 27, again by Season of Mist.  A couple days ago SoM uploaded the whole album to YouTube, so you can let this strange creature disrupt your neurons right here:



  1. Really diggin’ the new Doomriders. It’s just meat and potatoes stuff but damn, “Bad Vibes” is a killer track.

  2. I am loving that Twilight of the Gods album. Good gods, ’tis glorious!

    • Was a nice surprised when i heard the album. actually better than i had initially dared hope for.
      Loving the Manowar influences. Preacher Man HAS to be heavy inspired by Metal Daze.

  3. Perhaps you want to update the MyGrain “here” link to actually point to Inferno:

    It’s currently pointing to some fancy social medium.

    • Shit. One of these days I’ll learn to test the links I put in the posts. Now fixed (and thank you).

      • I prefer a wrong link to good music over a correct link to bad music any day. And I must say, the music aggregated in this thread is great (although I haven’t listened to Vulture Industries yet).

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