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I haven’t attempted to compile a round-up of noteworthy findings in several days, so I’ve had to ruthlessly cut what interested me or this post would have been longer than a reticulated python. Even truncated, it’s as long as a boa constrictor. And everything in here is awfully bloodthirsty, right up until the final item.


Is that a fuckin’ brutal album cover up there or what? It’s the latest cover art by Eliran Kantor, who I watch like a hawk because he’s so damned good, and it graces the 11th album by Iced Earth, which is planned for release by Century Media in January 2014. With a grisly cover like that and song titles such as “Democide”, “Cthulhu”, and “Parasite”, in addition to the title track, this could be very interesting.

Speaking of brutal, how ’bout a new Deicide track?


As recently revealed, Deicide’s new album In the Minds of Evil will be released by the same Century Media on November 25. Not long ago I got a tip from my comrade TheMadIsraeli that the label had just started streaming the album’s title track. Man, it’s a jet-fueled, high-beef-content headbanger of a song with a jolting central riff that a lot of bands would cut throats to have. Not surprisingly, it includes some deliciously slithering lead guitar, too. This is it:




“‘The Cremating Fire,’ the second preview of the third album, is an ovation to the heralding storms and their blades whose edges bring inevitable and concluding end. A dedication to the hungry ones who carry perdition’s fire within their hearts.”

And so sayeth Valkyrja’s frontman, A.L., in commenting upon a new song that debuted today on the DECIBEL web site. And I believe him.

This is the second song premiere in as many weeks from the band’s new album The Antagonist’s Fire. It helps make the case, a case I’ve already made in my own mind after hearing the album, that it’s one of the year’s strongest and most savage releases. It will be hit the streets on November 11 via WTC Productions (World Terror Committee). Listen up:




This three-piece group of mutated zombie werewolves have become a favorite of mine. Fronted by the vocally monstrous Vanessa Nocera and backed by guitarist/bassist Tony Proffer and Elektrokutioner on drums, Howling have a new CD arriving next month by the name of Tear the Screams From Your Throat (pre-order here). And that title really does define their mission statement.

How can you tell? Well, listen to this new advance track, “Lust For the Crimson Splatter”. It’s a blend of thrash and death-gore that feels like it’s about to come apart at the seams. Ms. Nocera  sounds like she’s vomiting up blood. Mr. Proffer turns in a solo that singed my eyebrows. Mr. ‘Kutioner hits the drums like he’s working on a fresh skull with a mallet, hungry for the think meat inside. Rough, raw, and ravenous.




The UK’s Bloodshot Dawn are another favorite of this site. We gave their 2012 self-titled album tons of kudos, and we’re awful psyched for the next one, which is being written as we speak. Yesterday I saw an update video about the next album, the first of what will be a series. It includes some riff fragments that sound stout, but I’m mainly including the video because it’s funny.

I do have a weakness for bands who have a sense of humor, especially a sense of humor about themselves. Because in my experience it’s better to laugh at yourself before someone else does.



  1. VALKYRJA: wooo! I like it a lot. Looking forward to this album. It is really strong. The drum work is tremendous on that track. Also, I like how brutal is the vocal performance. Do their previous two efforts as strong?

    • The Invocation of Demise is the first full-length and probably their best…nice fast paced black metal, with a bit of melody thrown in. Contamination isnt bad, but its definitely not as strong…if you enjoy Swedish style black metal like Marduk and Dark Throne you’ll enjoy all their albums.

      I’d also recommend checking out the band Ondskapt as well. Half the members from Valkyrja are in the band, and I think their material is actually a bit superior

  2. Wow, that Deicide track was pretty goddamn awesome. I loved “To Hell With God” and will pick up this one for sure on release!

  3. the new Deicide is sounding pretty damn good

  4. New Valkyrja is always welcome, and Im pumped as hell for the new Howling album (when you say next mean October right…because I cant think of a more perfect release date)

    On the downside for me, Deicide continues to be unimpressive…the new track seems completely average.

  5. The new Deicide and Valkyrja are fantastic. I’m psyched as hell for the new Bloodshot Dawn too; their debut was one of my favorite debuts ever.

  6. listened to the pieces you kindly supplied, found Deicide boring, Valkyria unimpressive, yawn.
    funny thing is, though, that when one of the videos ended (’twas the BD one, maybe) one of recommendations that the video vendor kindlier provides was a piece by the German yodelling meister – Franzl Lang, and this is what you should definitely check out, it’s the most metallest thing on teh entire interwebz – combine this with some BM or DM stuff and it will kill – Geronto Metal ha ha (well, it kills even on its own – my cat slept through the Deicide and Valkyria stuff, Herr Lang’s little song woke him up)

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