Oct 112013

You already know what we think of Serpents Unleashed, the new album from Skeletonwitch that’s due for release on October 29 by Prosthetic — and if you don’t, check out BadWolf’s review here.

Now you can hear the title track, because it’s just been released for streaming. Go past the jump, and there it will be, waiting for you, with teeth bared and claws open.


  1. damn this sounds awesome, and that artwork!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. kills. does skeletonwitch ever disappoint?

  3. The song is, as expected, pretty good.

    The artwork.. not so much.
    John Baizleys art might work for Baroness, and even Kvelertak, but i don’t think it fits for Skeletonwitch. Had i not known Skeletonwitch, and seen that in a store or youtube suggestions, i would have passed it by, assuming it was just another American stoner/retro band.

  4. Can’t wait for more Skeletonwitch! With the exception of the new Inquisition (waiting for the pre-order digi-pack to show up), this is my most anticipated album this fall (that I’ve heard of so far, and can remember in my current inebriated state). Seriously can’t wait for more Skeletonwitch to blare in my car!

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