Oct 162013

Herein, a collection of recommended music I discovered over the last 24 hours.


Last night brought the premiere on three European sites of the title track from Inquisition’s forthcoming album, Obscure Verses for the Multiverse, which Season of Mist plans to release on October 29. Lambgoat then premiered it this morning for the North American market. Yet none of these sites chose to say anything about the actual song. It was just sort of “here’s a song, listen to it”. Maybe they know something I don’t know, i.e., that most people skip over words and go right to the music? Man, if that’s right I’ve sure been wasting a lot of time. But I can give it a shot:

Go HERE if you want to listen to “Obscure Verses for the Multiverse”.



This Southern California band seems to have taken its name from a Dismember song, and once you hear their music you’ll understand why. I’ve been cranking their three-song EP Succession/Possession since discovering it this morning via NCS backer deckard cain’s new blog venture Ancient Horadrim Tap Dance. Originally released as a 7″, it’s now available on Bandcamp for the price of pay-what-you-want, and man, is it good.

As deckard says, it’s stripped-down, bare-bones, Swedish death with a pinch of hardcore to taste. It delivers that delicious chainsaw tone, effectively channeling the undead spirit of Dismember and Entombed through a batch of ingenious riffs, gruff roars, and grisly solos. Addictive as hell!




While I’m thoroughly coated in the corroded crust of that old-school guitar tone, let me turn next to Belgium’s Blind To Faith. They’ve got a new 12″ named Under The Heptagram that’s due for release on A389 Recordings on October 31 (pre-order here). Tight To the Nail recently premiered a track from the new release named “Burial of Mankind”, and I also found the title track streaming on Bandcamp. Both songs administer a ferocious ass-kicking.

The music is a marriage of d-beat crust, hardcore, and Swedish death — a bit of Discharge, a bit of Entombed, a bunch of catchy hooks, and a shitload of vein-bursting vocal hostility. Check out both songs below.






Over the last year, friend of the site Derek Neibarger has been creating music under the name Godless Angel, and since the spring he has been uploading them to Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want download. Last month he collected the first year’s worth of songs into an album named Year One (which you can stream and download at this location). But he has already started on the project’s next chapter with a new song named “Blackened Tongue”.

I’ve really been enjoying what Godless Angel is putting out, but I think “Blackened Tongue” may be the best song yet. The languid guitar intro is sublime, but of course it turns out to be a misdirection as the song begins to unleash a bunch of punchy riffs and bile-retching vocals. The gem in the heart of the song, though, is the very cool guitar solo — I would have been quite happy to hear it go on for a lot longer. Catchy melody and cool outro, too.





And to wrap up this round-up, I wanted to quickly make you aware of a few new appearances on Bandcamp (or at least new to me). These are releases that we’ve written about before, but they weren’t available for Bandcamp download when we first sang their praises. I’m just going to list them, along with the links; as you’ll see, the first three all come from Invictus Productions. If you haven’t heard the music before, now’s your chance. (thanks to Vonlughlio for the tip about the first two)






(the band are now offering one of the album tracks — “A Howling Wind” — as a free download).


  1. You welcome Islander! !! Really good stuff

  2. Do people skip over the words and go straight to the music? I’m kind of the opposite. A reliable description of what’s in store for me saves time when I’m going to a dozen sites hunting for new music. Something as simple as a broad genre tag with “by the books” or “out of the ordinary” in the review is generally all I need.

    • Actually, I usually read the comments first to see if there is anything in particular that is getting the thumbs up from the readers, then read the review, then listen to the music. Sometimes that formula works very well, sometimes I totally disagree with the readers. I may skip straight to the music if the album art contains foggy, snowy, or autumnal forests and/or mountains. I’m always a sucker for those.

      • “I may skip straight to the music if the album art contains foggy, snowy, or autumnal forests and/or mountains. I’m always a sucker for those.” I’d second that. And it is likely to be atmospheric/melodic BM. WIN!

      • Yeah I often scroll down to the music, hit play, and then go back up and read while listening

  3. even though i’ve had to warm up to Dagon’s vocal style i’m pretty excited for the new Iquisition, what i’ve heard so far is pretty awesome.
    i’m seriously loving the Skinfather EP, and the Dismember cover is pretty wicked, too!
    and thank you, Islander, for including Godless Angel with these great bands! just being mentioned on this site always makes my day!
    time to start devouring these Bandcamp links, i can already tell my credit card is going to get a work-out, today!

    • Yes I find the same with the vocals on Inquisition. On the one hand I guess it’s good to have a unique vocal style to stand out from the crowd, but it’s a bit of a surprise when you’re listening along and the vocals come in.

      Also, good work with Godless Angel!

      • yeah, Inquisition’s music hooked me instantly but the vocals took several listens to digest. but i’m glad i stuck with it because they’re an awesome band.
        and thank you!!

    • Thanks for the mention islander. And oh Inquisition has always been great. Contrary to what people might think , i seem to like Dagon’s croaks they seem purposeful from his part and befits the music in its own little way. Also you’ve got some great stuff going on djneibarger.

      • thank you!

      • I’m one of those who struggled with the croaking vocals the first time I heard Inquisition’s music. But although I still prefer the death metal roars when they appear, I now find (as you suggested) that they are part of what makes the band’s music what it is and no longer mentally object to them when I listen.

  4. There is plenty of promotion of Inquisitions new album and individual song descriptions of past song promos for their newest album on this same blog(use the No Clean Singing search box). I see people really need their hands held when it comes to listening to music,when there are brilliant fact finding sites such as google,facebook and last.FM to give us all the info we need about an individual band and their songs. Inquisition does not need any long winded discriptions every time they are mentioned,their music always speaks for itself.
    just click and listen…

    • Valid points, especially with this band.

    • Well, aren’t you a ray of fucking sunshine?

      Good thing you’re not one of those people who “really need their hands held” right?

      Please keep your condescending bullshit to a minimum in future. Thank you.

      • I’m sorry i upset you ,it won’t happen again i promise. No need for harsh words ,you must be having a difficult life lately to take my post so personal. I can give you a full description of all bands music if it will help feel better? Have a nice day 🙁

      • Hey man. The dude, was just stating his point(not exactly the best way). Just let it be my friend.Lets not go over the top with this.

  5. Blind To Faith was some solid swedeath influenced hardcore…good stuff.

    Skinfather was channeling the hell out of Dismember, nothing we havent heard before, but its a sound I never get tired of hearing.

    Really glad to see that Gospel of Horns went up for download…that was only released as a 7″ vinyl before right? I enjoy vinyl, but Ive always hated that format

    As for the Inquisition…people I know who have heard it are saying that its basically a continuation of Ominous Doctrines…so if you enjoy that album you should be happy with the new one as well

    • At least when I reviewed Gospel of the Horns, it was only available on vinyl. I’m not sure when Invictus added it to Bandcamp (or when they added any of the others), but I only found out about it yesterday because of Vonlughlio’s message.

      • …just realized, you may want to make a quick edit… that last link isnt for Bastard Priest..its for Bastard FEAST (they originally released that album under the name Elitist). Great band, but they sound nothing like Bastard Priest

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