Nov 052013

Thanks to a Facebook post by our friend Vonlughlio, I learned about a new compilation made available on Bandcamp today by Australia’s Sinister Path Promotions. It’s quite a hefty offering — 45 tracks from 45 bands located all over the world. But there is quality here as well as quantity. Just to pick out the names of bands we’ve written about here at NCS, the comp includes songs by Hemoptysis (U.S.), Feared (Sweden), Begging For Incest (Germany), Bhayanak Maut (India), Take Over and Destroy (TOAD) (U.S.), and Necrosis (UK).

After the jump you can listen to the tracks on this monster compilation — and you can also download it for free (or pay what you want) at Bandcamp.



  1. Great bands and thank you my friend

  2. It’s great seeing this on here. I’m just amazed to see my favorite album art that I’ve created on a site like this. Thanks for sharing!

    – David from SPP

  3. this is awesome, i just found my next road trip comp

  4. Today’s special: Side order of Free Shit with your two piece & a biscuit!!!
    But seriously, thanks for introducing me and your readers to Bhayanak Maut so many posts ago. Remain among my favorites to jam.

    • Could I interest you in some gravy with your biscuit or a tall Bloody Mary? (Thanks for the good word about Bhayanak Maut — they’ve really developed a strong following since we first posted about them.)

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