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Yesterday produced a lot of new excellent video and song premieres, and I also caught up with a few things that I missed when they first came out. In an earlier post today I collected three of the new videos, and in this post are five songs worth hearing.


Solid State Records will be releasing the eighth studio album by Living Sacrifice — Ghost Thief — on November 12, and I’ve been really eager to hear it. The first advance track from the album, “Screwtape”, didn’t grab me by the throat as hard as I hoped it would. But yesterday the title track debuted, and my first thought was, “that’s more like it!”

It was a good sign when the tremolo drilling and drum blasting started, and the jolting rhythms plus Bruce Fitzhugh’s bestial vox sealed the deal. This is neck-wrecking, riff-hammering Living Sacrifice in prime form. Listen next (via Rolling Stone).



Sweden’s Feared delivered a new song yesterday, too (via Pure Grain Audio). Its name is “Mylingen” and it comes from the band’s next album Vinter, which features a line-up of guitarist Ola Englund (The HauntedSix Feet Under), Demonoid vocalist Mario Ramos, bassist Jocke Skog (ex-Clawfinger), and drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (Battlecross). We previously featured the album’s first song premiere, “Erased”.

“Mylingen” is both dark and blistering, with jackhammering rhythms in the verse and atmospheric melody in the chorus, and it will put a megawatt charge into your skull. Check it out below. Vinter is available for preorder at the band’s webstore and on iTunes.



So distinctive is Danille Gauvin’s style that I recognized her dark handiwork immediately when I saw the cover for Abysmal Thresholds, the debut album by a Finnish band named Corpsessed that’s slated for release by Dark Descent on February 4, 2014. That was really all it took for me to stop and listen to the first song premiere from the album, a track named “Ravening Tides”.

It’s a lumbering radioactive monster of grinding, ancient death metal that becomes an unstoppable force when it kicks into high gear. The echoing vocals are deep as ocean trenches and the guitar solo wriggles like a mass of feeding maggots. Filthy, distorted, and expelling noxious fumes, this song kicks ass.



While I was visiting the Dark Descent Bandcamp page where that new Corpsessed track is streaming, I noticed on the sidebar yet another new album due for release on February 4. This one is entitled Towards Divine Death and it’s by yet another Finnish band, Lie In Ruins. This new one follows their 2009 full-length debut, Swallowed By the Void.

One song is up for listening on Bandcamp so far — “Charred Walls”. It’s thoroughly morbid and thoroughly grimy, with sickening tremolo guitar melodies moving in distorted waves over hammering percussion. As in Corpsessed’s case, the vocals are of the deep, ghastly, and echoing variety. This is a superior example of grim, grisly, old-school death doom — and when the vocalist starts a howling, repeating chant near the song’s end, you may want to howl right along with him. Very nice.



Impure Worship are from Greece and they’re the third band in a row featured in this post whose music was new to me. They released a demo in 2010 and a 7″ EP in 2012 (self-titled), and now Iron Bonehead Productions is planning to release another demo entitled Chthonic Litanies on December 13.

What I found last night was a Soundcloud stream of the new work’s title track. And it makes the third song in a row with the kind of hollow, horrible, reverberating vocals that are like candy to my pointed ears. The music is a pustulant, pestilential kind of blackened death metal (or deathened black metal) with a haze of tremolo-driven riffs and shrieking, writhing guitar soloing. It’s a bestial bonanza.


  1. Lie in Ruins is solid, but they tend to get lost in the crowd of other bands out there…Corpsessed on the other hand is awesome..Id highly recommend both their self-titled EP and The Dagger & The Chalice EP

  2. Mylingen sounds excellent, i’m seriously excited for this album!

  3. Holy shit, lots of great stuff in this edition!

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