Nov 112013

Entombed’s tenth album Back To the Front — which sports the painted cover art by Zbigniew Bielak that you see above — was originally scheduled for release by Century Media last month, but in September its release was postponed until early 2014 due to “unpredictable technical problems”. Today, one of the album’s tracks, entitled “Vulture and the Traitor”, appeared on YouTube. It doesn’t appear to be an authorized debut, so it may not last long. But it’s such a good song that it’s worth checking out while you can.

For those who foolishly continue to hope for a throwback to Left Hand Path, this isn’t that. Yet it still has a definite old-school feel in its sludgy riff tone and in its mix of d-beat, punk, and hardcore rhythms. L-G Petrov’s distinctive throaty vocals are in great form, and the song also boasts a hot-as-hell guitar solo.  Whether authorized or not, this is a damned fine teaser for Back To the Front. Listen next:


  1. it’s a pretty cool song, and i’m loving that artwork

  2. “For those who foolishly continue to hope for a throwback to Left Hand Path, this isn’t that.”

    Well if what Metalsucks says is true… it may only be a matter of waiting for the other Entombed with Alex, Nicke and Ulf to write new material.

    • Nicke was the one in Entombed most responsible for them moving AWAY from their early style and more toward Death and Roll.

      Which is fine—my preferred Entombed is Wolverine Blues. If you want old school Entombed, there’s always Trap Them and Black Breath.

      • …perhaps but he hasnt been a guiding force in Entombed since “To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth” and since they seem to be reuniting to play Clandestine in its entirety I have more faith in them for a possible return to form then I do in Petrov..

        Black Breath and Trap Them?….Okay I like Black Breath (not so much Trap Them) and I totally hear what youre talking about in their sound so Im not necessarily disagreeing, but I think something like Bastard Priest or Undead Creep (among many others) would probably scratch that itch a bit better

      • Black Breath and Trap Them??? You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, my man… Bands that come remotely close to what Left Hand Path and Clandestine sounds like are Entrails, Torture Division, Demonical and Smothered.

    • Interestingly, Century Media says Nicke Andersson contributed parts to the song “Vulture And The Traitor” featured in this post.

  3. I dig it. Hard to describe bands like Trap Them and Harm’s Way (most recent album) as Entomed-core when Entombed themselves seem to have a prominent hardcore influence! I like it when bands embrace the -core.

  4. This song sounds like their Candlemass cover – but the accelerations fit to LGP voice very well. NIce song, lets hope the rest of the album goes along.

    I love Nihilist and the early Entombed – lonnnng ago, these guys got me into death metal, and I’ve never departed – but hey, after having given this to the world at the age of 17 and less, according to me, LG and all the departed members of entombed are free to play what they want.

    By the way, what Nicke did whith the Hellacopters is more than fairly respectable – and getting to play with members of the 70’S Detroit scene looks like a very serious kind of recognition, even if some metalhead stick to one sound and a pair of albums, and have not a clue about where they come from.

  5. Cool song! Love it.

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